Hudson’s hospital pictures

We never intended to purchase the hospital pictures, but when we saw how good they were…how could we not?!?

I only wish we had known we were going to get our pictures taken as well – Michael hadn’t shaved and didn’t have his contacts in; I was wearing a huge, junky shirt from Goodwill. ¬†Oh well, we still got some winners!

{0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_1I’m definitely getting this one (in black and white) blown up and framed
{0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_2 {0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_3 {0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_4 {0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_5This one captures his little personality so well!

{0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_6I melt…
{0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_7 {0c34156e-d1cd-47d7-b363-e0551bd4840b}_8Love that sweet face!!



  1. Aw…those are perfect! I am so glad everything went well! Congrats again!

  2. Susan Elledge says:

    He is so beautiful! Hope y’all are doing well.

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