Hudson’s newborn pictures

I got my 27th birthday present a month early in the form of one Mr. Hudson Michael, but today on my actual birthday I got another good present in the form of his newborn pictures!  We got these done when he was nine days old and I barely even remember it because I was such a zombie.  It was a fun surprise to get to see all his pictures today and remember the cute little poses and backdrops and such.

Hudson did not want to cooperate that day!  He was usually such a sleepy baby but that particular day he didn’t want to sleep at all, and we really wanted him to sleep for the pictures (although the ones of his big beautiful eyes ended up being some of my favorites!).  But after lots and lots of work and something like four hours (and a ton of diaper changes…we used up every diaper I had packed, little stinker!), we got some really amazing pictures.

Check out my handsome little guy!

IMG_7749 IMG_7759_2 IMG_7768_2 IMG_7791Not the best picture of my post-partum self, but I just can’t resist this sweet yawn :).  Nobody is looking at me anyway, I’m sure!
IMG_7812 IMG_7816 IMG_7838 IMG_7849 IMG_7859 IMG_7870 IMG_7877 IMG_7878_2 IMG_7886 IMG_7896 IMG_7910 IMG_7914_2 IMG_7927A precious smile!
IMG_7932 IMG_7946Thanks to Pinterest I found the cutest picture of a baby with Harry Potter glasses and knew we had to recreate it.  I love how it turned out!  We’re definitely putting this one up in our office/library.

Can I just say that I could never be a newborn photographer?  Our photographer was so incredibly patient.  She and her assistant would work for 30 minutes getting him quite and sleeping and posed just right, just to get a few shots.  She was amazing.  (If you’re in Bowling Green and need a photographer I highly recommend Shelley at Sweet Dreams Photography!)



  1. Those are gorgeous and I love the Harry Potter photos-such an awesome memory captured! They grow fast so at least you have these to look back on.

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