High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, y’all.  Here’s what is making me happy today:

1.  Cloth Diapers hanging out to dry.

I usually don’t like doing laundry at all (well actually, I’m fine with everything but the folding and putting away part) but for whatever reason I really enjoy doing the cloth diaper laundry.  It’s not nearly as complicated as I expected.  I prefer to let them air dry outside if the weather is nice because the sun does a great job bleaching out stains.

cloth diapers

2.  Our garden.

Michael got our garden planted this week.  I’m looking forward to having fresh herbs and veggies!


3.  Babywearing.

I love wearing Hudson.  It gives us lots of nice snuggles, it allows my hands to be free to do other things, and it’s much more convenient than lugging his big carseat around or hauling out the stroller.  I have a Moby Wrap, and Ergo, and a Mei Tei and I love them each for different purposes.  I’m also part of a local babywearing group and each month we get together where everyone brings their carriers so you can try different things.  I’m giving Ring Slings a go this month and borrowing one to try out.  So far it’s not my favorite and I much prefer my other carriers, but I’m going to keep trying it and maybe it will grow on me (although in retrospect maybe that’s not such a good idea…if I start to love it then I’m going to want to buy one!)

ring sling

4.  My monthly YL essential oils order.

It’s like Christmas every month!  All kinds of goodies – oils, toothpaste, snack bars, cough drops, supplements, and more

Young Living essential rewards order


5.  This guy.

Really, could be be any cuter?  He has outgrown his smallest swaddles and is breaking out of them during his naps.  I keep coming in to find him waving his little arms around (kinda cute after a nap, not so cool at 4:00 in the morning when he wakes us all up…we will be finding a better swaddle before bed tonight, I’m just saying…)


Oh and don’t forget that today is the last day to enter my giveaway…so chop, chop!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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  1. We love our ring sling, right now its only used for hip carries so Silas can see everything but when I get to use it for tummy to tummy again later this year I will probably use it more like in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TgahmEu88A it helps get the rings out of the way and the strap off your neck. I really don’t like my slings shoulder style and this way lets me move the fabric around in a more comfy way.

    • Thank you so much for that video! I’ve watched a few others on how to use a ring sling the “traditional” way but I’ve never seen anyone do it like this. I’m going to give her method a shot and see if I like that better. I’d love to be able to nurse while wearing Hudson like she was showing in the video but so far that has not worked for us. Maybe this time it will!

  2. Gah! Your little man is so cute! I have really only used the ergo. I probably should baby wear more than I do. Looks like a great week!

  3. Is that ring sling a Maya Wrap? If so, there is a flap you can turn down over your shoulder that helps spread out the weight. I loved the Maya with my first baby from about one month old until he was walking well at about 21 months. In the first month he was too small for either of us to feel secure with it, though–and my new baby is even smaller, so I am waiting a few more weeks to get my Maya back from the friend who borrowed it.

    • I think it was a Maya, I was borrowing it from the lending library that my babywearing group and have since given it back but I think I may purchase one at some point because it was handy! I know some people nurse while their baby is in the ring sling and I’d love to master that skill!

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