Pink Lemonade Shop’s 9 year celebration giveaway

Rafflecopter BannerI’ve posted several times about mama cloth and specifically my favorite brand, Pink Lemonade Shop.  If you’re a fan of my Facebook page you know I routinely share sales and stocking announcements and such over there too.  Well PLS is turning 9 years old this week and they’re celebrating by teaming up with several great brands and bloggers (like me!) to bring you a cloth pad chat and tons of giveaways!

Monday through Friday they’ll have a Flash Giveaway every day on their Facebook page. They also have a HUGE Rafflecopter giveaway you can enter to win right here at the bottom of this post. On Thursday they’re hosting a Cloth Pad Chat with EIGHTEEN winners chosen from those who attend and who knows what else they’ll share, Sue always has something up her sleeve!

Pink Lemonade Shop is thrilled to have been in business 9 years. They’ve come so far and they can’t wait to see what the next 9 years has in store for them.

The Flash Giveaways

Flash Giveaways will be daily and the sponsors include, in order of appearance, Taylor’s Pure & Natural, Eco Sprout, Grace Green Beauty, Smart Bottoms and Eclipse Sun Sleeves.  Follow PLS on Facebook to enter these.

The Rafflecopter Giveaway

This giveaway includes prizes from Allen’s Naturally, Eyla’s, Logan + Lenora, Momme Meals and of course, Pink Lemonade Shop!  Keep scrolling down to enter!

The Cloth Pad Chat

Our Cloth Pad Chat w/ Flash Giveaways is Thursday May 26th at 7pm est. Nine winners will be chosen to receive 50 points each and nine winners will be chosen to receive a mystery cloth pad or pantyliner! Winners must be present to enter to win and will be chosen at random from those who participate.

*The Cloth Pad Chat prizes are open to both USA & International winners.

RSVP for the Cloth Pad Chat here.

If you are totally confused about what all this is about check out my blog posts about mama cloth 101 and how I used mama cloth for my post partum recovery.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pinteresting Tuesday – Pinterest Wins

It’s high time for me to do another Pinteresting Tuesday post, dontcha think?  I see stuff all the time about Pinterest fails – people see something on Pinterest, the give it a try, and and fails miserable. I try to use Pinterest as an actual tool, not just a place to look and never actually do anything.  I’ve tried quite a few recipes, crafts, and ideas, and believe me, Pinterest fails have happened to me, too.  But today I want to share my most recent Pinterest wins – things I’ve tried from Pinterest that have turned out great.

1. The no-heat curls method


Actually, I’ve posted about this before.  However, since that post (the first time I ever tried this method), I haven’t been able to get it work correctly a single other time.  I think this week I finally figured out the trick…use a fat headband.  The first time I tried, I used this 80s terry cloth sweatband type thing and it turned out great.  Every time since then, I tried using a thinner headband like in the picture above.  I don’t know if it’s just my hair or what, but using the thinner headband gives me crazy kinky hair.  I decided to give that fat terry cloth headband a try again and it turned out perfectly.  Nice soft loose waves.  I guess it’s like using a large barrel curling iron versus a tiny barrel curling iron.

Anyway, now that I’ve figured out the trick, expect to see lots more curly hair around here :).

2. healthy banana ice cream


This is something else that I’d tried before and thought was a Pinterest fail until I tried again.  The first time I tried I froze the banana in the peel, so it was nearly impossible to get it out, then I tried blending it in my blender (which doesn’t blend well unless you add a lot of liquids) and it never got smooth and ice cream-y.  I had almost written it off but decided to give it one more try.  This time I chopped the banana and froze the pieces, then used my food processor – that was the trick!  It still took quite a while in the food processor but eventually it turned into an ice cream consistency.  I used one banana, 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter, and 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and it.was.delicious!

3. penne rosa with shrimp 


Oh my stars, this stuff is incredible.  Michael and I both loved this dish!  It was easy and so yummy – I’m drooling.

4. storing my headphones

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I keep my headphones in a little makeup-type bag in my purse along with pens, Tylenol, etc.  One thing that used to make me crazy was how the cord would get all tangled up and I’d have to send so much time untangling each time I wanted to use them.

Enter this tip.

Ever since I started doing this, I’ve had no problems with tangled cords and my headphones are so much easier to use now!  This is definitely one of my favorite pins on Pinterest!

5. homemade cream of chicken soup 


Since starting to eat real food, I’ve been trying to replace lots of our old, processed staples with more natural options.  This recipe for homemade cream of chicken soup is really easy and a great alternative to the yucky canned cream of chicken soup.

What you tried recently from Pinterest?

painted toes…yes or no?

So hi there friends.  It’s been awhile.  Sorry for the minor bloggy break.  The past month or so I just haven’t been that motivated to blog.  I have all these post ideas in my head but just can’t seem to find (or make) the time to write them.  Between trying to finish my quilt, working on a scrapbook for my in-laws, and getting a Netflix subscription, I’ve been preoccupied.  Anyway, I’ll try to remedy that :)

So, random thoughts today:

I heard on the radio that Sally Beauty Supply did a survey and asked women how many of them painted their toes in the winter.  The results were an almost 50/50 split – 49.8% do not paint their toes and 50.2% do (can’t find the actual study to confirm, that’s just what the deejay said)

polka dot toes

I’ve never really pondered the subject, but thought it was interesting.  So let’s do a quick poll – tell me, do you paint your toes in the winter? (hey men, women only…don’t want you skewing our results!).  Leave a comment telling us why or why not.

In case you wondered, I’m in the 49.8%.  I usually take my polish off in October or November and leave my toes unpainted until March or April.  I think it’s good to let my nails breathe some, plus it makes me really excited when I put that first coat of paint on in the spring.  My feet go from boring to pretty!  No one really sees my feet in the winter, anyway.  I’m so cold natured that I wear socks pretty much all the time except to shower and sleep, so they’re mostly covered.

Anyway, nothing life changing or particularly helpful in this post.  Just wanted to try doing a poll and this seemed like a fun topic :)

Disney-Pixar’s BRAVE review (and giveaway!)

**************************This Giveaway is Now Closed********************************

I was so excited to be contacted about doing a review and giveaway of Disney-Pixar’s newest movie, Brave, which comes out on DVD next week.  I didn’t see Brave when it was in theaters (I rarely see any movies in theaters…too expensive!) but I had seen the previews and knew I wanted to rent it when it came out on DVD.  Lucky me I didn’t even have to wait that long!

Let me just say, Brave did not disappoint.  I loved this movie.  It was hilarious (Michael and I laughed throughout the whole thing), sweet, inspiring, sad, and scary.  The animation was out of this world; I spent the whole movie amazed at the detail and movement.  I also really liked seeing a Disney “princess” movie that wasn’t strictly about falling in love.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all those movies and don’t have problems with them at all (lest you think I’m a total feminist), but it was nice to have a little change.  Instead, Brave focuses on the importance of family, listening to others who have different opinions, and being yourself.

Brave is about a young Scottish princess named Merida who, although she is a princess, does not exactly embrace the quiet and dainty lifestyle that her mother would like her to lead.  Instead, she is tomboyish and headstrong and has a propensity toward archery.  Determined to set her own fate, Merida challenges the traditions of her clan by refusing to marry the suitor chosen for her.  However, her actions set in motion a series of events that could destroy her family.

Like I said, I loved this movie!  The characters and dialogue were hilarious, it wasn’t too predictable, there was a good message, and you could even tie it in to a little history lesson and Scotland.  Not to mention, have you seen Merida’s hair?  Is it weird to have hair envy of an animated character?

I wouldn’t recommend this for young children as it was a little scary and there was a bit of “humor” that I could have done without.  But overall, a great family movie that I will gladly watch again.

And, one of you lucky ducks will get your very own copy!  There is a ton of stuff included in the 5-disc combo pack you will receive…including a Blu-Ray 3D disc, a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD, tons of bonus features, and more.  You can read all the details in the press release or check it out on Amazon.

You have two chances to enter using the Rafflecopter below – 1 entry for leaving a comment and a second entry if you are/become a follower of My Chocolate Moments (psst…look to the right in the sidebar where it says “follow me” if you haven’t signed up yet)

The giveaway ends Saturday, so act quickly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was not compensated for this review, although I did receive a copy of Brave to review.  All opinions are my own.

How to fill a narrow-mouthed water bottle using a fridge dispenser {Works for Me Wednesday}

I have two of these bottles.  I’ve had them since college (5+ years) and I still use them just about every day to take water in to work.

pink nalgene bottle[source]

I love the narrow mouth, except when it comes to filling up the bottle.  It’s fine if you fill from a faucet or a water pitcher, but if you try to fill it up using the water dispenser in your fridge it’s going to make a big ‘ole mess because the angle of the mouth just doesn’t line up with the stream of water.

But this week the light bulb went off…while getting my lunch ready I glanced over and noticed a funnel drying in the dish rack.  I thought “why not?”.

use a funnel to fill a narrow mouth water bottleWorked like charm – I just put the funnel in the bottle, pushed the funnel up against the dispenser so the water ran through the funnel into the bottle.

Voila.  Filled bottle.  No mess.

You’re welcome.

(Please tell me I’m not the last person on earth to figure this out)

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and one month later…a camp re-cap

So…I got home from camp and guess what?  Life got in the way.  I started work, we’ve been house-hunting (still nothing yet), canning ourselves silly to get lots of produce put up for the winter, you know the drill.  So I’m finally getting around to talking about camp.  Of course, the day I got home from camp I had to share my massive victory of overcoming my fear of heights and doing the zipline, but then I failed to follow through on my promise to write more later.  Fail.

terrified the first time

but totally loving it by time 2 4 7

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that this summer I was blessed to get to go to not one, but two wonderful church camps.  I started off my summer with a week of church camp with our church here in Bowling Green.  Then I ended my summer with a week of camp with the church that my family attends, and the people that I’ve been going to camp with for years.

cute family of geese that live at camp

I can’t tell you how excited I was that my work schedule worked out perfectly and allowed me to go to camp.  I did have to drive back to BG one day for a training (and take advantage of my nice, clean shower), but other than that I got to spend the whole week at camp.  There is just something about spending that week with people who I don’t get to see all the time that feels like coming home.  Not to get all mushy gushy about camp on you, but it really is one (or two!) of my favorite weeks of the year and I have some of the best memories there.

We were very fortunate that the extremely hot, 100+ degree temperatures from earlier in June and July let up a little that week.  It was hot, but not unbearably so.  Thanks to some of the men from church, we also had air conditioning in the cabins for the first time this year, which took the edge off a bit.  We had one MASSIVE storm Thursday night.  I mean, I don’t get scared during storms but this one made me a little afraid that we were going to get blown away.  Other than that, we had pretty good weather.

I had the youngest girls cabin (3rd and 4th grade).  What a great age!  I liked that this year I got to have the oldest girls (at my first camp) and the youngest girls (at my second camp).  Both come with their unique challenges but they’re both really fun to spend time with so I’m glad I got the best of both worlds.  My girls at camp this week were so good.  Several of them I’ve known since birth (two were even the flower girls in our wedding) and then we also had a few new faces and a few visitors from an outreach program.

lovely picture of our wedding, as drawn by one of the aforementioned former flower girls

I’m particularly fond of my lips and “Michhle”s hair

In addition to being a cabin counselor I also helped with Bible class and with crafts some.  Our theme for this year was “There’s An App for That” and we talked about how the Bible is the only “app” we need to have in order to know how to live a righteous life and get to heaven.

learning the books of the New Testament

We made crayon art in crafts, which was so super fun.  I love crayon art!

one of my favorite canvases that a camper made

another favorite, made by one of the adults for her classroom – I’d love to make this for my craft room!

In addition to overcoming my fear of heights and doing the zipline (which I said I’d never do), I also did something else that I never planned to do again…play a sport.  I’ve mentioned a little before (and someday I’m going to go into great detail because I’ve got some hilarious stories, I just need to find the time to sit down and write them) but I’m terrible at sports athletically challenged.  I’ve tried many but never been very good.  And I never really had the desire to participate in sports activities so I didn’t really care.  But at camp, they announced that there was going to be a camper vs. counselor softball game.

I’m not sure what possessed me, but I said I’d play.

Because for some odd reason, seven years ago when I bought my car, I tossed my softball glove in the trunk with a bunch of random other stuff.  You know just in case.  Not that I ever planned to play again.  In fact, the last time I think I even used that glove was the last softball game I played…at age 15.  So 10 years later, I decided to give it a go.

Something funky happened inside my glove over the last 10 years (dry rot? no idea) and the first time I put my hand in, I got that black ick all over my fingers.  Weird.

And guess what?  I wasn’t great, but I wasn’t half-bad!  I play waaayyy better ball at 25 than I ever did at 15. (We’ll just pretend that it had nothing to do with the fact that we were playing slow-pitch softball against a hodge-podge middle school kids, not fast-pitched softball against girls who cut their teeth on ball gloves.  Or that I actually exercise regularly and am no longer the pudgy, out-of-shape kid that I used to be.  No, surely it’s not either of those things.  It has to be that I’ve magically become athletic overnight…)

And most of all, we had fun!  I really did!  In fact, if I ever get a chance to be on a church league team, I just might play.  I know, will wonders ever cease? (oh stop laughing)

I’ll try not to look this awkward while batting, though

Anyway, so there’s camp week in a nutshell.  I loved it.  I enjoyed getting to spend time with the kiddos (who make me feel super old, and now I totally understand why people used to tell me they couldn’t believe how fast I was growing up…because I feel that same way when I see kids I babysat as infants and toddlers becoming unrecognizable, mature, fantastic, Christian teenagers…sniff sniff) and I had fun catching up with the other adults who I don’t get to see much (and who very politely overlook my weirdness…like essentially setting up my own little mini-kitchen in the mess hall so I could stick to our 100 day challenge).

Ok, who’s ready to go back?

(Oh, and by the way…in case you wondered why I posted about camp, but there were no pictures of actual campers doing camp things…I try not to post pictures of kids unless I know their parents are ok with it, and usually not adults either if I think they’d rather me not…and since I know that I don’t prefer pictures of myself in my sweaty, no make-uped camp state, I figure others don’t either.  Just explaining so you don’t think I’m a total narcissist who only posts and/or takes pictures of herself.  Nope, just trying to retain a little privacy in this insanely digital world)

taking surveys {Works for Me Wednesday}


It’s always nice to earn a little extra money when you can, and taking online surveys is one way you can do that. (I just realized as I typed that sentence that it sounded very spam-ish…as in “I’m your long-lost uncle, send me all your money and I’ll send you a million dollars…sorry about that, I promise I’m not spamming you)

I found out about taking online surveys from, a completely reputable blog that teaches you how to use coupons to save tons of money (and in a former life I used to do a lot of couponing, thanks to Jenny).  She wrote three very detailed posts about online surveys – how they work, how much money to expect, what types of rewards they have, and which ones are quality sites (I’m not going to go into as much detail as she did, since she has way more experience than me, so I highly suggest you go read those posts yourself herehere, and here.)

Although I felt a little skeptical and nervous that they were going to spam me or go all Big Brother on me, I decided to sign up for a few online survey sites.  This was sometime after we moved to Bowling Green and I did not yet have a job so I thought this would be a way for me to make a little bit of money.  I signed up for three sites:, Opinion Outpost, and  I ended up dropping two of the three because they were frustrating and not very user friendly…and not worth the hassle to me.  So now I only use and I’ve been very happy with them.  However, in those posts I mentioned and linked to above, she recommends several more survey sites that you might want to look in to – I just don’t have the time to do anymore surveys than I already do.

Each time you take a survey you get points.  After you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them in for rewards.  I always choose Amazon gift cards (you go to the MySurvey rewards store, redeem your points, they give you a code which you then type in to your Amazon account and it credits your account – I’ve done it twice and it worked perfectly each time).  So far I’ve earned $50 to use on Amazon, and I’m getting really close to having enough points to get another $25.

In addition to earning points, sometimes they will send you a product to test and review.  Usually it’s a full-sized product, and that saves you money when you don’t have to go out and buy that yourself.  Some of the things I’ve been sent to test are:

  • A package (6 rolls) of toilet paper
  • 2 full sized sets of shampoo and conditioner (I had to use one set for two weeks, then the other set for two weeks, then take surveys about them…but they worked fine and I get to keep all the products I review so I’ve kept using them, so that’s two sets of shampoo and conditioner I don’t have to buy)
  • pretzel snacks
  • sunscreen (this is the only one that I was very unhappy with – I used the sunscreen to test it out, and within two hours of using it I got the worst burn I’ve had in years)
  • A full container of those dishwasher packet things
  • A full tube of toothpaste

It’s very easy to use.  If you don’t have time to take the surveys when you get the emails, you can just wait until it’s convenient and then they’ll be there waiting for you.  Plus you can earn a little money from your nice cozy home.  You won’t get rich or anything, but it’s an easy way to make a few extra bucks.

So there you have it, using works for me!

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(By the way, I am not being paid or compensated in any way to tell you about  I’ve just had a good experience with them and wanted to share some ways that you could make a little extra money by taking surveys.)

top 10 Facebook no-no’s

Today’s Works for Me Wednesday post is actually a DOESN’T Work for Me Wednesday post…as in the top 10 Facebook faux pas that make me crazy.  Consider yourself warned, some toes are gonna get crunched….

1. contests – I cannot even describe to you how much I can’t stand it when people ask you to vote for this or that in a contest.  It’s typically a cutest kid type contest, and I hate to break it to you but you can’t ALL have the cutest kid.  Just sayin…  The worst offenders are the ones that post “go vote for this so I can win that”, or “only five more days…go vote!”.  Posting about a contest one time is moderately acceptable, but any more that that is just asking to get blocked.

2. not editing your pictures – I want to look at your pictures.  I really do.  But what I don’t want to look at is 200 pictures of very very similar poses, with each pose being shown in black and white, sepia, and color.  Or when you just dump every picture from your camera into an event and don’t go through to remove the pictures of the floor that you accidentally took or the really blurry pictures.  Have an editing eye!  You’re only hurting yourself – I’m much more likely to look at your pictures if I don’t have to click through a million of the exact same picture or a ton of junk.  Edit, edit, edit!

3. gruesome picturess – Ok this one could actually be a safety hazard.  I get dizzy just talking about blood, not to mention seeing it, so when you post a particularly bloody or gruesome picture that I come across while I’m checking Facebook, I may just pass out and injure myself.  The worst part is there is no warning…I’m just innocently scrolling through my news feed and then *bam* there’s a picture of someone’s baby entering the world or a nasty bloody cut.  In all seriousness…STOP!  Again, I really do want to see pictures of your sweet precious newborn, but have some discretion and please don’t put the pictures of junior emerging from you on Facebook (yes, I’ve really seen that).  In fact, I’d really appreciate if you’d only post pictures once you’ve cleaned all the baby gunk off him a little.  And sorry but there’s no time I’d ever want to see your bloody injury, so just don’t do it.

4. posting a new picture of yourself each day that looks just like the one you posted yesterday – Why?  These are always just of your face (sometimes with the classic duck lips) so I can’t even see if you have on a good outfit.  I promise you haven’t changed that much.


5. I need attention posts – You know, the ones that are intentionally vague with the hope that people will ask you to elaborate.  Examples include, but are not limited to, “So sad…”, “crying…”, heartbroken :(“, “MAD!!!!!”.  You might as just well write “I want attention!”

6. back and forth posts that read like a text message – Please don’t blow up my news feed with you and your bestie’s whole conversation.  If it’s that long, just text each other.  Or Facebook chat.  Or send an email.  Or send a Facebook message.  Please.

7. practically naked maternity pictures – I’m not sure why people think that having a pregnant belly means you should post nearly-nude pictures of yourself, but the fact is…it doesn’t (although unfortuanltey many people post practically naked pictures of themselves all the time, pregnant or not, not cool).  Anyway, I love a good maternity picture.  Weekly updates are fine.  Just please stay clothed.  Thank you.  Sincerely, my eyes.

8. game/app/whatever requests – Nothing is more disappointing than getting a Facebook notification, only to discover that it’s just someone requesting you to play a game.  Rude.

9. linking Pinterest with Facebook so that everything you pin on Pinterest also shows up in my newsfeed – I’m probably already following you on Pinterest, and I don’t want to have to see the same pins twice.  A funny meme or picture every once in a while is fine, but every.single.thing you pin does not need to be shown on Facebook.  Check your settings.  Please and thank you.

10. Baby Gaga – We’re happy you’re having a baby, but nobody except you really cares about your baby’s progress at week 21 (or 25, or 30, or 40, or …).  Get an app or read a book.  No need to have that on Facebook.  (This is Michael’s contribution to this list, although I agree)

(edited to add a bonus that I just remembered…) 11. “re-post this” statuses – Guess what, I love my husband, mother, brother, God, the same whether or not I “repost this if you agree”.  I seriously can’t stand those.  They usually say “repost this if you love your so-and-so”, implying that if you don’t repost then obviously you don’t love them very much.  Baloney.

Honorable mention:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


So what did I miss?  Feel free to leave a comment with your own Facebook pet peeves.

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High Five for Friday

Woo Hoo for Friday!  This has been a fantastic, but exhausting, week!  Some fun things from this week…

1. New school supplies are always great, but pretty school supplies are even better.

2. For the first time in my life I have let me nails grow out.  I normally hate my nails getting long…as soon as I see any white I have to clip them.  The just drive me crazy.  I like having long nails as long as they are fake, but I don’t like my real nails to get long.  So usually I just keep them very short and occasionally put on fakes.  But this week I realized that my nails were getting long (for me) and needed a trim, but I decided to see if I could let them grow out just a little bit longer.  I’m happy to say that they haven’t made me a crazy person yet.  There are some things that bug me about them but I do like looking down and seeing nice nails.  That being said, I think I’ll probably have to clip them this weekend because I don’t love them enough to let them stay long.    But I’m proud of myself for letting them grow a little.

3. After I lamented the difficulty of baking bread, a friend of mine gave me her old bread machine (thanks Leah!).  We made our first loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread in it this week.  It turned out pretty good – we didn’t know which crust setting to put it on and the crust got a little harder than we would like so next time we will adjust that.  But overall it was good, and SOOOO much easier than the way I was doing it before.

4. Friends of ours had a baby early Saturday morning and we got to go meet him on Monday – I just love holding sweet new babies!  He was so little and precious.

5. And of course, I can’t leave out the first day of school!  Which went very well, thanks for asking.  I only have one class (scheduled) in the library on Thursdays, so I just had one group of 5th graders yesterday.  The rest of my day was mostly spent helping with registration and fixing computer issues.  Totally different from being in the classroom like the last three “first days of school”, but way fun!

And on that note, I’m off to day 2 – happy Friday!

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Pinteresting Tuesday

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I decided to take a moment to show you some of the cool things I’ve found on Pinterest recently.


This corn looks so yummy (and easy, too!).  I’m planning to make this tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it is.


I would love to have a pantry this amazing someday!


Crayon art is all over Pinterest, and in fact I’ve made some myself (plus we did some last week at camp), but I thought this was a really unique version.  I might have to make this someday!


What a genius idea – put paper/foam plates between your plates when you move rather than wrapping each one in paper.  I never would have thought of this so I’m glad I saw this pin!  Definitely keeping that in mind as we house hunt and (hopefully) move soon.


Most of the nail tutorials I see on Pinterest look really cool but way to complicated for me to do.  This one actually looks like something I could manage (paint the base coat, then dip a straw in other colors of paint to make the circles)!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I absolutely do this…

And one last thing…If you are of the elementary librarian/teacher persuasion, you might want to check out my school stuff board – I’ve been collecting tons of ideas for the upcoming school year but there are just way too many to share here!

Speaking of school, yesterday was my first day of work – I spent the day cleaning the library and organizing my office.  It was exhausting, a little overwhelming, but exciting!  Today I hope to start figuring out what exactly I have as far as books and materials go.  So fun!