Hudson’s 6 month pictures

Oh y’all.  Hang on to your hat because these pictures will melt you into a puddle.  Every time we get pictures made I don’t think they can get any better…and then they do.

Hudson did so great for these pictures.  When we did his newborn pictures he didn’t want to cooperate and go to sleep.  At his three month pictures it was like pulling teeth to get a smile out of him.  But at his six month pictures he was super smily and happy and cooperative.  It was the best picture taking experience yet and we were well rewarded with some absolutely adorable ones!

Please hold as I become “that” mom who posts a hundred pictures of her baby in identical poses with just a slight change in expression.

(I totally understand now, it’s too hard to choose because they’re all adorable when it’s your own child)

(I promise this is still less than half of the pictures)


Fun fact: this was only the second time Hudson had ever sat up on his own.  I had gotten him to sit up very briefly the day before so we decided to try it for his pictures and I’m so glad we did because he did really well (with a lot of propping and steadying from mommy) and the pictures turned out fantastic!

It’s funny because when we did his three month pictures he wasn’t even holding his head up well enough to do any on his tummy, and now not only did we get great tummy shots we also got him sitting up!

Sigh.  I love this one with Michael’s boots and a Carhartt diaper cover


(P.S. Carhartt needs to get their baby sizing together…this diaper cover says 0-3 month but is still to big and he’s in 9 month clothes yet the Carhartt onesie we have that says 9 month is like Spandex on him.  Come on now.)IMG_0727_2IMG_0734

This one cracks me up, he’s giving his classic “sly-brow”IMG_0746IMG_0749IMG_0761IMG_0766IMG_0789BWIMG_0817IMG_0826IMG_0848IMG_0857

Check out those baby blues!  I die.


Finger dimples!!IMG_0869BWIMG_0873IMG_0882

As always, thanks to Shelley at Sweet Dreams Photography for these fantastic pictures!

essential oils for the classroom

essential oils for the classroom

It’s back to school time and while I’m not actually going back to school (this is the first time in 22 years that I haven’t had a “first day of school” either as a student or a teacher…so weird!) I know I have a lot of teachers who read my blog so I thought I’d share how I’d be using oils at school if I were still teaching.

I didn’t start using essential oils until a week before I went into labor so I haven’t gotten to try them out in a school setting.  I SO wish I had though!  I always (well, until I got pregnant and couldn’t stand most smells) had a Scentsy warmer running in my classroom/library.  I loved making it smell nice and I think it felt more homey.  I would have loved to use my diffuser so that it would have been beneficial and more than just an enjoyable scent.

If I were going to be diffusing oils in my classroom, these are the ones I would use.

In the morning: Joy and peppermint to get us woken up and in a happy mood (that’s my favorite combo when I’m cranky or need some pep in my step) or Valor for motivation.

After gym class: Purification to combat that sweaty kid smell.  Shew.  That is not a pleasant aroma, y’all.  I wish I could say that’s limited to middle school but this is not the case.

After a kid throws up (What?  It’s a totally legit and unfortunately frequent issue when you teach elementary school!): Thieves is a germ fighting powerhouse!  I’d use this one regularly, especially if I have a student I know is sick or a bug is going around, and I would be diffusing daily during cold and flu season.  Much easier (and better for you) than trying to Lysol everything in your classroom (or wipe down every book that gets checked in to the library…not that I’ve attempted to do anything crazy like that…ahem).

During a test: Peppermint and lemon have been shown to improve cognitive function.  So cool!  I’d for sure be diffusing those a lot, especially during tests, to try to help my students do their best!  (can you see why I totally wish I’d had oils earlier?!?).  Plus they are both very uplifting oils.

During that wild, hour-before-school-is-out time:  Lavender, Peace & Calming, or Stress Away are all good choices to help calm the afternoon crazies and keep the kiddos from bouncing off the walls.

So, who’s ready for a great school year?  What oil would you like to use most in your classroom?

Ready to kick of the school year with oils?  Go here.  Want to read more about my classroom?  Check out my classroom organization series.

Who does he look like?

One of the most popular topics people like to discuss is who does baby look most like?  I’d say 95% of the time people say that Hudson looks just like Michael.  I dug up some old baby pictures and did some comparisons so you can decide for yourself.

IMG_5171Hudson on the left, Michael on the right – both about 4 months old

IMG_5170Hudson on the left, me on the right

What do you think?  Does Hudson look like me or Michael?  Vote below:

No matter who you think he looks most like, there is NO denying that he got his pouty lip from me…


Hudson left, me right

Hudson is 6 months old

Time, seriously.  Slow down!  There is NO WAY that it’s been half a year since Hudson was born.  No no no!

It just goes so fast.  I want him to still be a teeny tiny baby and I miss things that he used to do, and yet this age is so fun too!


I guess I’ll just have to have a million babies.

Anyway…moving on.

Hudson started off this month with a bang!  When I wrote last month’s post he was still sleeping in his Rock ‘N Play while swaddled up.  I knew we needed to start transitioning out of the swaddle (he was busting out of it during each nap) and out of the Rock ‘N Play (which he was getting too big for).  I was very, very nervous about this.  I just knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep with the swaddle, and going from the snuggly incline of the Rock ‘N Play to the flat open space of a crib seemed so daunting.  I was mentally preparing myself for a slow transition over several weeks and figured I’d need to block off several days to do nothing but help him get back to sleep each time he woke himself up.


The day he turned five months old I rocked him to sleep as normal and on a whim decided to try laying him down unswaddled in his cosleeper (which is basically a crib that attaches to the side of our bed).  He woke up as soon as I laid him down but wasn’t crying so I left him there for a few minutes to run upstairs and switch some laundry over.  When I came back down I went in the bedroom to to check on him.

He has turned over on his belly and fallen asleep on his own.  He never falls asleep on his own.  Like, maybe five times in his whole little life.

And he slept for three (THREE!) hours, unswaddled, on his belly, in the cosleeper.

So much for a long, difficult transition!

From that point on he took all his naps like that.  We still swaddled and used the Rock ‘N Play for a few nights, but after a few days of seeing how well he did with his naps we switched over completely to the cosleeper for nights too.  He has done great.

The only weird thing is that about half of the time when he wakes up he starts crying immediately.  He never did that in the Rock ‘N Play so I don’t know if that’s related to the cosleeper, or being on his tummy, or what, but since it started at the exact same time we made the switch it seems like it might be.

Oh and that dark mullet left over from his birth hair you see there is gone now.  That was the last little bit of the dark hair he was born with and now he’s just blonde.

Hudson had his first sick baby visit this month.  There was a little blood in his stool one morning so I called his pediatrician to see if that was something to be worried about.  She had us come in and they ran some tests but everything checked out fine so we’re not quite sure what happened.  He’s been fine ever since though!
Giving what one little girl at church camp dubbed “the sly-brow”
Some friends of ours got married in west Kentucky, so we went to their wedding and spent the weekend with my grandparents who live in that area.
While we were in Mayfield we took Hudson swimming at my aunt and uncle’s pool.  He was not super thrilled with the water but he did like it when Michael swam him around on the boogie board.
IMG_5112 IMG_5085
He was so good at the wedding!
Hudson sleeps in his bed during the night but most mornings when he wakes up for his first feeding I feed him and then he (sometimes) goes back to sleep in bed with us for a little bit longer.

We’ve had a bit of a sleep regression this month.  Most nights he still sleeps through the night but there were quite a few where he woke up several times during the night.  That has been frustrating since he’d been sleeping so great.
IMG_5094I love getting sweet snuggles in the morning!

Sleeping in the car – a rare sight (this was on the way home from Mayfield, I think he was totally worn out).  He doesn’t scream and cry every time he’s in the car, but I’d say he still does about 50% of the time.  Not fun, but at least it’s progress.
Wearing Hudson on my back has made life SO much easier!  I’m able to cook and clean and get things done around the house without having to constantly entertain him.  He will ride back there so quietly forever, just watching the world around him.  


I love wearing my boy.  It’s nice to be able to hold him and yet still have my hands free, plus I think he enjoys being able to see things from up high rather than on the ground.


Some of the young moms at church have started a weekly play date.  We have so much fun!  Hudson got to swing for the first time and loved it.

Michael came with me to the dentist to hold Hudson while I got my teeth cleaned.  Hudson did pretty well for a while but started to get fussy and wouldn’t calm down unless he was with Mommy, so I held him on my stomach while they finished my cleaning.  He watched so intently!
Hudson started wearing an amber teething necklace.  This isn’t for him to chew on (common misconception) but supposedly the amber has natural pain-relieving properties.  Many moms swear by them for their teething babies, and while I’m skeptical I figure it can’t hurt to try.  He doesn’t seem to be teething hardcore yet but he drools and chews on things so I went ahead and put the necklace on preemptively.  I thought it looked a little weird at first but now I’m used to it.

Hudson loves church.  He’s usually pretty good during worship (although now that he is babbling he can get pretty loud!) and he really enjoys the nursery class.  I started teaching his class on Wednesday night and it is so fun to watch him as we sing and learn.  

Lilah loves Hudson and even though she’s not even a year older than him she wants to “help” take care of him.  This particular day she was holding tight to Hudson’s hand!
IMG_5358Nolan, John Luke, and Hudson were born within a span of two months (Nolan is the oldest, Hudson is the youngest).  It will be so fun to see them grow up together!

This little man is so incredibly happy.  Sure, he has his cranky moments, but overall he’s just a joy to be around!  He learned how to splash his legs in the bathtub and now he thinks baths are so super fun.
IMG_5320 IMG_5325

Future bookworm!

Michael is so good with Hudson!  Hudson laughed for the first time this month and it was in response to his Daddy being silly with him.  So sweet!

Another first we had this month was that I went out by myself for a while (prior to this I had only left Hudson twice, and both times were to run a very quick errand)..  We had several extremely fussy days and one Saturday I just reached a point where I badly needed a break from the crying and refusing to nap.  I’m usually pretty patient but I was in tears because I was so frustrated, so Michael stayed home with Hudson and I got out of the house for a bit.  I got a relaxing pedicure and enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie (or two) from Chick Fil A (they have the best cookies!).  It was so nice to have a few hours to myself and take a break.  When I got home Michael had also cleaned the shower for me – what an awesome husband!


I needed to do some shopping to get ready for church camp and it included trying on clothes – not easy with a baby.  So Michael came with me to help and he wore Hudson in the Ergo around Walmart while I shopped.  IMG_5349
I’ve mentioned it several times already, but the biggest thing we did this month was go to church camp for a week.  We didn’t spend the night; the camp is only 45 minutes from our house and I figured the drive each day was worth it to be able to shower/bathe at home and get to stay on our sleep routine.  But we went every day and Hudson did fantastic!  He watched everything and everyone and seemed to enjoy all the activity (except for when I tried to put him in the cold pool).  Of course he had lots of people to play with and hold him so that was nice.

We were very fortunate to have great weather so I didn’t have to worry at all about him getting too hot.  Plus, I set up Hudson’s pack n play and a bed for me in an air conditioned cabin so we had a place to rest in the afternoons.  I wore him most of the day and he just rode around in the carrier either napping or watching the things around him.  

I snagged one of the extra camp shirts for Hudson but the smallest they had was an adult small…quite a bit too big for him!  It will be so fun to watch him grow into the shirt through the years.
IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5417

We got to visit these precious boys, Grady and Thatcher.  I thought Hudson seemed so small until we put him up next to the boys (who are two months old); compared to them he seems like a giant!  It’s crazy to me that when I first started blogging their big sister Nora hadn’t even been born yet – her baby shower was one of my early blog posts!


Hudson isn’t crawling but he is absolutely mobile!  He rolls and scoots himself all over the place.  I laid him down on his playmat while I was doing some sewing; I kept hearing a dull thud and looked up to realize that he had somehow gotten off his mat and was hitting the plastic bins.  We’re having to keep a much more careful eye on him now!

He just melts my heart.  I am so blessed to be Hudson’s mommy.  It is absolutely the best job in the world and I love it!
IMG_54696 month stats: Hudson weighs 18 pounds, 6 ounces and is 27 inches long.

6 month comparison

Hudson’s five month update

It amazes me how fast the months go and how much Hudson changes from month to month.  I feel like I blink and it’s time to write another update post, but then when I go back and look through my pictures and the notes I make through the month I realize just how much stuff has happened in that month!

First up, some stats: We had (what should have been) his four month well baby visit yesterday (that somehow got pushed out to five months).  He weighed 16 pounds 4 ounces (44%) and was 25.5 inches long (30%).  Healthy boy!

We started making it a point to recreate a picture from our first doctors visit to compare.  Look how much he has grown!

dr visit comparison

After we switched from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat last month I started putting Hudson in his stroller without using the infant seat.  He did really well – the seat reclines enough that I don’t worry about his head bobbling around.  He likes the stroller much more now because he isn’t strapped into the carseat.  I went shuffling jogging for the first time in close to a year.
IMG_4639 IMG_4641
Hudson and I took a solo trip back “home” to Springfield (where Michael and I grew up).  It’s just an hour drive but that was the longest I’d driven alone with Hudson.  We met up with some friends and went for a walk – look at this gorgeous view!  Hudson did great and slept in his stroller for most of the walk.
Hudson started trying to roll over at the beginning of the month so we moved his little changing station off the ottoman and into the floor so that I didn’t have to worry about him rolling off.  That turned out to be really nice because now I can lay him down and walk away if I need to.

He loves it when Daddy gets home from own and gets down in the floor to play.

There are no visible teeth yet, but he is definitely teething – chewing on everything he can get in his mouth and drooling some.
Hudson went through a phase this month (that already seems to be over) of tucking his lower lip under his top lip.  It was so cute and made him look like a little turtle.IMG_4707 IMG_4712
He seems to like his class at church – he sits and listens and watches so intently.

Last year the Gaines’ gave out t-shirts if you made a donation to the Tanzanian Missions fund.  We made one for Hudson and got him this adorable little onesie with the t-shirt logo on it (Michael and I have matching ones too and I just realized that I should get a picture of the three of us in our shirts).
Our swaddling days are quickly coming to an end.  Hudson has gotten to where he busts at least one arm, if not both, out of his swaddle during every nap.  This tells me it is time to move away from the swaddle so we’re working on that.

We also started spreading out his naps and feedings.  He was getting to where he fought me at every nap because he wasn’t tired enough yet, so we I started spacing them out more and keeping him up longer in between naps and that has helped a lot.
He is still just so very happy most of the time.  Other than the carseat (which, unfortunately, he still hates) he’s a pretty content baby.
He sits around with his feet crossed all the time.  It makes him look so chill and laid back and it just cracks me up!
I think all of Hudson’s clothes are adorable, but I’m a sucker for these short overalls in particular.  So, so precious!
I put the tray on his high chair one day so that he could use it to play with his toys (read: I was tired of picking them up every time he dropped them so I though the tray might catch them before they hit the ground).  He looks so big in his chair!

Side note: that chair is great!  It’s a Fisher Price Space Saver and it straps on a regular kitchen chair.  Not only do we not have to have a big high chair in the way, it is also very portable so we can easily take it with us to grandparents’ houses or wherever there might not be a high chair.  Plus it reclines so you can start them in it way earlier than a regular high chair since he doesn’t need head control to be able to sit in it.  And it’s cheaper.

Ok commercial over.  Just buy one.

He still loves baths!  He outgrew his baby tub and was splashing water out all over the table so we started giving him his baths in the big bathtub upstairs.
I have several different carriers that I use with Hudson, but this was my first try at sewing one myself.  It’s a ring sling made out of mesh (like athletic shorts) and I made it with intentions to use it in the pool this summer, but I’ve found myself grabbing it and using it around the house more than I thought I would.  It was super easy (and cheap) to DIY, too.

Hudson is getting to where he likes to look around more when I’m wearing him so the ring sling is perfect.  I also did a back carry with the Ergo for the first time this month.  The first time I did it he cried, but the second time he rode there for a long time and eventually fell asleep.
We spent two Saturdays this month working out at Big Reedy Christian Camp trying to get it finished up for camp this summer.  Well, I should say that Michael worked and Hudson and I just sat around and encouraged all the other workers.  There isn’t much construction that I can do with a baby.  This is the most time Hudson has spent in the heat and it just wore him out!  Both times he slept much more than usual after we got home in the evenings.
I feel silly but I want to take a picture of Hudson in every outfit that he owns!  He’s just so stinkin’ cute, but also he grows out of them so fast I want to remember that he actually got to wear them!  This little church outfit only got worn once before it was too small.
A onesie with a toolbelt like Daddy – yes please!  This is one of my favorites.
Hudson has been trying to roll over pretty much since he was born but this month he finally accomplished it.  He rolled from his back to his front first, then a few days later he rolled from his front to his back.  Now he can do a complete back to front to back again roll when he wants.  It’s very exciting.

Sometimes he grabs the edge of his blanket and takes it with him when he rolls…a little baby burrito!

Last summer while we were on vacation, we bought a Harry Potter onesie for our unnamed, gender-unknown baby.  It’s so neat to see Hudson wearing it now!
(about 12 weeks pregnant with Hudson in this picture)

IMG_2039I was so excited to find a cloth diaper with bees on it.  Our bees are doing much better this summer (we’ve already harvested some honey!) and Michael built a second beehive so we’ll have even more.  I thought it was neat to have a diaper with one of our hobbies on it.
Guess what else we found this month?  Our toes!  Hudson started grabbing his toes, although he’s only tried to put them in his mouth once so far.  I must say, the combination of toe-grabbing and rolling over has made diaper changes much more adventurous than they used to be.

IMG_4825Such a big boy!
We got Hudson a Jumperoo.  He’s not quite sure what to do with it yet.  You can see in the first picture that his feet don’t touch the ground yet.  We put a box under there as a platform until he’s tall enough for this feet to touch.
When we first put him in he totally ignored all the toys – he was more interested in watching me to my exercise video.

In addition to all of his babbles and coos that he normal does, he started making gurgley noises in the back of his throat, blowing spit bubbles, and buzzing his lips.IMG_4865
We celebrated Michael’s first real Father’s Day (I was pregnant last year on Father’s Day, so that counts of course, but this was his first one with Hudson).  I got Michael a card from Hudson and let Hudson “sign” it – I put the pen in his hand and he waved his hand around and made scribbles….his very first scribbles!

IMG_4859.IMG_4875 IMG_4880
Michael doesn’t wear ties much, but I just had to give him the “traditional” Father’s Day gift of a tie for his first Father’s Day.  He wore it to church and Hudson wore his bow tie too :).

Check out this adorable cardigan! A friend of mine knitted it for Hudson and it looks so precious with his bow tie outfit.


Now that he can roll over, Hudson doesn’t hate tummy time as much.  He still gets mad sometimes when he rolls to his front and can’t get flipped back over, but lots of times he’s roll over and hang out on his tummy for a while.  A big improvement!

Babies in overalls are adorable.  Babies in overalls, collared shirts, and flip flops are a whole ‘nother level of cute!

And check out this one!  I just love to squish those chubby knees!


We never use that beautiful nursery that we worked so hard to finish.  He sleeps in our room and we’ve been changing him in the living room since he was born.  In fact, all of this clothes had migrated to to the living room and his closet was spread out over the backs of both couches.  But I decided it was time to start using the nursery at least a little bit, so I moved most of his clothes back up there.  While I was working on hanging clothes and sorting through some things we got at a yard sale I laid him down in his crib (that he’s been in exactly one time) and he had a good time hanging out in there.  He used his feet to knock the quilt off from where it was hanging on the back of the crib and was fascinated by all the designs.

Trying out the Halo sleep sack instead of a swaddle for a nap.

Trying a swaddle with both arms out.

IMG_5005We made a donation to our local rescue squad and in return we got a free family portrait.  It’s a very cheesy, weird background, throwback to the 90s style picture but hey, it was free, and I’m not going to turn down a family picture.  Of course Hudson scratched his face and spit up on his outfit three times before we actually got called back for our picture.  Sigh.

Check out my hair.  It had gotten SO long.  I think this is the longest it had ever been in my life.


So it was time for a bit of a change – I went and got a bunch chopped off.  I didn’t go full-on mom haircut, but I did get something that takes less time to dry, doesn’t get caught in stuff all the time, and Hudson can’t pull on (quite as easily).


These pictures aren’t very good – I had the camera on my phone turned around to do a selfie of my new haircut and the quality of the camera is lacking.  But, I had to share them anyway to show how similar our eyes look in these pictures. IMG_4992 IMG_4995
This just cracks me up.  Michael took these one day and it looks like Hudson is doing a little Irish jig.


And that wraps up month #5!  I can’t wait to see what exciting things will happen this next month. 5 month collage

DIY sleep cream

sleep cream with Young Living essential oils

If you have a little one who does not sleep well then you need this sleep cream!  It’s easy to make and very effective.

Don’t hate me, but Hudson is a pretty good sleeper.  I mixed up this cream for him and use it on him most nights, but it really doesn’t seem to make a difference whether I use it or not since he sleeps fine either way.  However, I have three different friends with toddlers/babies who don’t (or rather, didn’t) sleep well…I mixed up a little sample of this cream for each of them and all three reported improvements in their kids’ sleep within the first night of use!

It works for me, too.  I rarely have issues falling asleep but two or three times over the last few months I’ve been unable to fall asleep right away.  After tossing and turning for a while each time, I finally would get up and rub some sleep cream on my feet…and then fall asleep in just a few short minutes.

It’s definitely something to consider trying if your little guy or gal (or big guy or gal) is having some sleep issues.  Not to mention, it is super easy to make!

It’s basically just a base of coconut oil with essential oils that are good for helping with relaxation and sleep mixed in.  I like to make a cream for several reasons – mixing the oils in the cream stretches them so that instead of using a drop of each one every night you are just using a fraction of a drop at a time and saves you money; plus having the cream pre-mixed saves you from having to open multiple bottles of oil each night.

Here’s what you need:

1/2 cup coconut oil (see below for my recommendations)
10 drops lavender
10 drops Valor
10 drops Stress Away
10 drops cedarwood
10 drops lemon
10 drops Peace & Calming (note: Peace & Calming can have the opposite effect for some people and make them feel energized rather than relaxed.  If that is the case for you then leave it out.  I put it in mine because it doesn’t seem to bother Hudson or me, but I usually leave it out when I mix a sample for someone else)

A glass jar to store the mixture in (a 4 oz Mason jelly jar works perfectly)

sleep cream ingredients

Here’s what you do:

Whip the coconut oil in a mixer (or with fork if you want to get your arm workout in for the day).  Add oils and mix together.

That’s it.

Easy peasy.

Rub a little of the cream on your feet before bed.

Young Living sleep cream recipe

I use Nutiva coconut oil.  Quality oil for a good price.  You can buy it from Amazon or Vitacost (If you are new to Vitacost you should be able to sign up and get a $10 off coupon here…making your first jar of coconut oil free!).

The oils I use are all Young Living oils.  You can go here to find out how to order them.

This recipe can be altered for all kinds of things.  I’ve used the coconut oil base plus various essential oils to make a variety of creams.  Some of them include stretch mark cream (my stretch marks from Hudson have faded a bit since using this), germ-away (I used this every time we went out in public with Hudson during the winter months), pain cream (wonderful for rubbing on sore muscles), and diaper cream.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: The oils listed in the testimony above were ONLY Young Living essential oils. Do not expect the same results with any other essential oils. These statements were not evaluated by the FDA and were not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. Please seek the advice of your chosen health practitioner.

Happy first Father’s Day, Michael!

Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for working hard both at work and at home to take care of our little family.  Thank you for getting in the floor and playing with Hudson when you come home from work.  Thank you for taking care of him so that I can get a shower or have a few minutes to myself.  Thank you for holding him when he wakes up early so that I can sleep for a little longer.  Thank you for being there every step of the way through this fun but crazy journey of parenthood.  Thank you for being a rock during those early painful, difficult, sleep deprived weeks.  Thank you for getting up in the middle of the night to sit with me while I fed Hudson.  Thank you for the many prayers you have prayed for us.  Thank you for being a wonderful example for Hudson.  Thank you for taking us out to eat so I don’t have to cook.

There are many other things to thank you for but I’ll just sum it up and say that you are a wonderful dad and Hudson and I love you so much!

IMG_2631 IMG_2707 IMG_3163
IMG_7786 IMG_3226 IMG_3418 IMG_3781 IMG_3845 IMG_4230 IMG_4544

Four month update

Four months, y’all.  Unreal.  Our little man is just growing and changing every day.

We haven’t had his four month well baby visit yet, but we weighed him and measured him here and based on that we think he is 14.4 pounds, 25.5 inches long.  He has doubled his birth weight and grown six inches!

He’s long and skinny(ish) as always – he is still in 0-3 month onesies (although getting very close to having to move up) but we’ve had to switch him this week to 3-6 month sleepers because his legs had gotten too long for his 0-3 month sleepers.  He’s definitely plumping up and getting some rolls though!

Now please enjoy this boatload of pictures.

One of my favorites from his three month pictures

IMG_1362_2He is holding his head up so well!  He loves to sit up and look around.  And as you can see he still has the very concerned forehead look down pat.

Sleeping is still going great.  He usually sleeps from 10 or 11 to somewhere between 6 or 7.  Occasionally he wakes up around 4 or 5 and when that happens I’m usually able to feed him and he goes right back to sleep for a bit longer.  I think the light has a lot to do with how late he sleeps because when we were traveling this month and had blackout curtains in the hotel he slept later than usual; at home he has started waking up earlier than usual and I’m wondering if it’s because of the sun coming up earlier and shining in our bedroom.

We still swaddle him for naps and nighttime.  His little legs and arms are constantly moving and he’ll wake himself up if he isn’t swaddled.
IMG_4142Wearing one of his daddy’s outfits.  You can see that he has lost a ton of his baby hair.  He has some left in the back but the top is basically all gone and is growing back blonde.  I also have unfortunately started the post baby hair loss so I’m losing handfuls of hair all the time (fyi for those of you who haven’t had babies, that is totally normal).
IMG_4161 Check out this adorable windbreaker!  It served as a perfect raincoat to wear to church one night when we were having big storms.  Not that he actually was out in the rain to really need it, but still….
IMG_4165 IMG_4168
Hudson constantly has his hands in his mouth.  He doesn’t seem to have a preference – sometimes it’s his thumb, sometimes his arm, sometimes a fist, sometimes both fists!
We took our first big road trip with Hudson this month.  We travelled to Freed Hardeman University (about four hours away from our house) to see my brother perform in his senior recital.  Hudson did surprisingly well!

Here he is snoozing calmly in his carseat (a rare occurrence!)
He slept through the whole performance and didn’t seemed to mind the singing one bit but hated the clapping!  He would jerk really big each time we clapped.  He spent most of the time with his hand over his face, which I thought was hilarious.  It looked like he was trying to block it all out.  Silly boy.
So proud of his Uncle Riley!
I just love overalls for baby boys!  They are kind of a hassle to put on but they are so precious!
This month he started being semi-interested in toys.  His favorites are the blankets and toys that crinkle and crunch.  We call them “crinkles” or “crinkly blankets”.  He also likes to chew on Sophie the Giraffe.

Hudson loves to hang out with his daddy.
Unfortunately this is the typical reaction to his carseat (actually, I take that back…this is a very mild reaction to his carseat, usually he is screaming his head off!).  What a pitiful little face!
Hudson has gone out to eat a ton this month.  We spent two weeks out of town traveling for Michael’s job and so we ate at a restaurant every night.  We also have gone out several times at home recently.  We try to time it for a nap time and then I wear him in the Moby or the Ergo.  Usually he falls right to sleep and we are able to eat a pretty peaceful meal.
We bought his highchair and started putting him in that at the table rather than the bouncy seat on the floor.  The highchair we bought is actually more of a booster seat – you strap it to a kitchen chair rather than having a freestanding highchair.  It also can be reclined so you can start using it even before they can sit up well on their own.
Hudson is such a happy baby.  Other than hating the carseat and screaming bloody murder when he is in there, he doesn’t fuss much.  He’ll get a little upset when he’s hungry or tired (who doesn’t?) but mostly he’s pretty laid back and chill.
He has mastered thumb sucking (although he sucks his thumb sideways, which looks funny to me) but isn’t hard core about it – he’ll still take his paci or suck on his fist instead.  He also doesn’t seem to use thumb sucking to help soothe him when he is upset…which is kind of a shame since it would be convenient if he would do that when he gets upset in the car!
Looking so precious before church!
Like I mentioned, we traveled quite a bit this month.  In addition to taking a day trip to see my brother we also went on two week-long trips with Michael.  He had to go to Gatlinburg, TN one week and then Athens, AL a different week for some work classes/trainings so we tagged along.

I knew packing for a trip with a baby would be daunting but I didn’t realize just how much stuff we would need!  Good thing we have a van and can lay the back seat flat because we had the whole back half of the van full.

Packed to the top and ready to roll.

During the day while Michael was in class, Hudson and I hung out in the hotel room.  While he napped I’d read or work on my computer.  In one way it was a bit of a break since I wasn’t having to clean or cook, but in other ways it was harder than being at home because I felt more stressed about keeping him quiet so we wouldn’t disturb others in the hotel.  We had almost no floor space so we played on a pallet on the bed most of the time.

A few times I couldn’t get Hudson to sleep by rocking him (although we took the rocking camping chair it just wasn’t the same as our wonderful recliner and I struggled to get him to sleep some) so I’d lay down with him on the bed until he fell asleep.  Then once he’d fall asleep I’d get up and do whatever.  That’s big because he never sleeps laying down on his back, he’s usually in his rock ‘n play, but he slept like his several times while we were in the hotel!

IMG_4331 IMG_4338
Speaking of sleep, I was afraid he would not sleep well being in a new place but he did really great.  He slept through the night every night and didn’t seem to have any issues.  In fact, he actually slept later in the mornings, I think due to the blackout shades in the hotel.

It’s rare but he does occasionally have a happy moment in the carseat.  However, this was not the norm for the trip.  He did okay on the way up there (although our four hour drive turned into seven thanks to all the stops we had to make) but the rest of the trip was a bust in the car.  One night we drove to Knoxville to have dinner with my brother and Hudson screamed the whole way there and the whole way back (an hour each way).

IMG_4349 IMG_4373 IMG_4381
Friday Michael had a short session in the morning and then was free to leave so we decided to drive through Cades Cove before we came home.  You can read about that trip and our multiple bear sightings here.  The drive from our hotel to Cades Cove was the most miserable part of our trip – Hudson reached new levels of carseat screaming it seemed.  He fell asleep while we were driving the loop so we were able to halfway enjoy our little detour, but it was a pretty miserable few hours leading up to that point.

I ended up riding in the back seat with him the whole way home so that I could keep sticking his paci in when it fell out and just try to keep him entertained.  It worked and we had a fairly quiet rest of the trip back.


If you look closely you can see one of the bears behind us

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day.  Hudson got me flowers, a corsage, and a sweet card…with just a little bit of help from his daddy :).  My first Mother’s Day was wonderful and I am so proud to be this little man’s mom.


On Mother’s Day Hudson also went to Sunday School for the first time.  Right now he eats so often that we are usually able to make it though worship (which we have first at our church) but then I have to feed him during class – he can’t make it through both without getting hungry.  This particular morning he wasn’t acting super hungry after I changed his diaper so I sat him in the seat at the table with the other babies for a minute just to see how he would do – he did great!  He’s too small to sit up on his own in the seat (as you can see in the picture) so I have to hold him up or prop him with a blanket, but he just sits there and takes it all in.  He seems to enjoy listening and watching the others.  I’ve taken him to class several times since then and he is very happy.
Little dude has quite the personality and is very expressive with his face!

We’ve said over and over again that he looks like his daddy but acts like his mommy.  Right now his only physical traits of mine are the cleft in his chin and his big feet; everything else looks just like Michael.  However, his face is so expressive and he’s so dramatic just like me.  He spits up all the time, he “talks” constantly, and he’s a messy eater…all things he gets from me.  Oh and he keeps tabs on everyone, especially me, always watching me and making sure I’m there.  His sneezes are just like his daddy’s – big and loud!
Something else he started doing this month was grabbing things.  He’s always grabbed things on accident, but now he is purposefully reaching and grabbing things like the slipcover of the ottoman, his toys, the mirror on his play gym, and his burp cloth.

We had to buy some more swaddles.  His old ones had gotten too small and he kept busting out of them during his naps so we had to get a larger size to keep him wrapped up.
IMG_4457One Saturday Hudson and I went a hung out on a blanket while Michael did some work on his beehive.  Hudson really enjoyed looking around at the sky and trees.  He’s looking like a cool cat in his new shades, too.

Can you stand the cuteness in these pictures?!  I bought Michael a bowtie for Easter for him to wear to church on the 5th Sunday of the month (unofficial “bowtie Sunday” at our church).  Then I found an adorable bowtie outfit for Hudson for his 3 month pictures.  They “matched” one morning for church and it was just too adorable to handle!  I love my boys!IMG_4527 IMG_4544

Our trip to Alabama was much like our trip to Gatlinburg – Hudson and I hung out in the hotel room during the day.  He started “talking” non-stop while we on the trip.  Pretty much if he isn’t eating or sleeping he is making noise…definitely my child!

IMG_4551 IMG_4591

He is always moving and so flexible!  He was cracking me up this day bending in half and practically putting his feet over his head.

We moved him up to size 2 disposable diapers.  I used disposables instead of cloth the two weeks we were traveling and unfortunately he had just about grown out of his size 1s.  We finished up the pack (which resulted in quite a few blowouts since they weren’t quite large enough to hold his poop!) and then bought size 2s for the rest of the trip.
After our rather loud car rides in Gatlinburg we went ahead and bought Hudson a convertible carseat (he still sits rear facing but when it comes time to turn him around he will be able to use this carseat as well; it doesn’t lift out to be carried like an infant seat).  As you can see from this picture, the seat change didn’t make the difference that we were hoping for.  Bummer.  I rode in the back with him the whole Alabama trip and that helped some, so it wasn’t as miserable as Gatlinburg.
Hudson’s four month birthday was also our five year wedding anniversary.  The three of us went on a little date to Longhorn to celebrate.
This little man steals my heart every day!IMG_9285

It’s amazing to compare his monthly pictures!

4 month collage

Hudson’s 3 month pictures

Oh my sweet little man.  He has the best smile and the prettiest eyes.  What a cutie.

I’m only slightly biased.

I always thought it was ridiculous how people would put a bajillion similar pictures of their kids on Facebook but now I understand…they are all so precious and it’s hard to choose!  Lucky for you I only chose about half of them to share.

Picking outfits is so hard.  Part of me wants to do “formal” outfits like we all wore for pictures back in the day (Olan Mills anyone?) but that’s not really the trend anymore and I think these fun outfits capture him better anyway.

I adore this precious bow tie outfit.  The young men (youth group and college-age) at our church do the evening sermon on the 5th Sunday of the month and somehow that has evolved into “bow tie Sunday” where lots of the men wear bow ties.  I bought Michael one for Easter so he could participate and then when I saw this little outfit I knew Hudson needed it (I just hope he’ll still be able to fit in it for our next 5th Sunday at the end of June!).

IMG_1348I love how well the blanket matches his beautiful blue eyes!
IMG_1355 IMG_1362 IMG_1375 IMG_1385I bought this next outfit thinking it would be a good newborn/coming home outfit.  Mr Hudson was a little smaller than I anticipated so we had to wait a few months before it fit him.  That worked out perfectly for his three month pictures, though!

The outfit and hat are from Fiesta Kids Boutique(fyi they didn’t ask me to say that…I just thought you might want to know)
IMG_1418 IMG_1423 IMG_1443 IMG_1468_2I really wish we had gotten one of his newborn pictures with the quilt I made him but I was in such a new mommy fog that I just wasn’t thinking clearly and it didn’t even cross my mind.  But I remembered it for this time around – I love having the quilt in the background and I’ll definitely be printing some of these for his nursery since they match the decor.

He looks SO big with that collared shirt on, though!  It makes my baby look like a little boy and I’m not ready for that!  Stop growing so fast!
IMG_1482 IMG_1494 IMG_1531A huge thanks to Shelley at Sweet Dreams Photography for these wonderful pictures.


my newborn must-haves

8 newborn must have items

Now that we are past that wonderful but crazy newborn stage I want to share with you eight of my must-have items when Hudson was first born.  This is not a complete baby registry list (maybe another day…), but the eight most important, useful things that I found myself needing during those first few weeks.

reclinermy “nest”

1. A rocking recliner.  Not a regular recliner.  Not a rocking chair.  A rocking recliner.  My mom highly this when I was pregnant and she was so incredibly right.  You want to be able to rock the baby (because believe me, you will spend a ton of time rocking) but you also want to be able to recline and take a nap once baby finally falls asleep.  Or if your baby is like mine, you’ll need a comfy place to sleep for the first few weeks since your baby won’t let you put him down so you can go to bed.  I’m just saying…

Anyway.  A glider is nice; we have one in our nursery (that I have yet to use) but what you really want is something that you can have in the living room so that you can still be in the middle of the action and also be comfortable as you’re sitting for millions of hours on end.

We looked at several recliners and balked at the price of the one we ended up purchasing, but we figured it was a piece that we would last a long time.  Let me tell you, that is the best baby-related money we have spent.  I have seriously spent hours upon hours in that chair and it has been well worth the price!  Michael calls it my nest because I have my computer and books and water and all my stuff set up on the little table next to the recliner.  I can’t recommend enough for you to get one.  When your parents or in-laws or granny or whomever offers to buy the baby furniture ask if you can have a new chair instead (forgo the expensive baby furniture, you won’t use it anyway).

Oh and get leather.  Yes, it’s more expensive, but I cannot tell you how much spit up I’ve wiped off our recliner and I am so thankful that I got leather instead of cloth.  Much easier to clean up.

(I’m not positive but I think this one might be the one we got)

Moby Wrapfirst time wearing Hudson

2. A Moby Wrap.  You  many not be a cloth diapering, baby wearing, organic food eating, all natural hippie, but trust me you need a baby carrier so you can wear your baby.  When he was first born Hudson did not like to be set down.  Ever.  Wearing him was the only way I got to eat somedays.  It also freed up both of my hands.  I wasn’t able to do anything big like major house cleaning, but he could sleep all snuggled up next to me and I was able to have both of my hands to type on the computer or read a book or something.

Everyone has a different preference but I definitely prefer a Moby for when they are itty-bitty brand new.  Because it is just a long piece of cloth it is very comfortable to wear (no buckles or structured pieces).  It’s very cozy for mom and baby.  Check out your local consignment sales – I got mine brand new for $20 at one.  The wrapping can be a little intimidating but there are tons of tutorials on YouTube (that’s how I figured out how to use mine…and I practiced with a teddy bear until I was comfortable enough to use it with Hudson).

3. A good nursing cover.  I’m not a nursing-in-public-uncovered person (if you are, fine, but that’s not my thing) but I didn’t think I really needed to spend the money for a nursing cover.  I figured throwing a receiving blanket over my shoulder would be good enough.

Umm…no.  When you first start breastfeeding it can take a lot of work to get baby latched.  You need both hands free – you don’t want one occupied trying to keep the blanket from sliding off your shoulder.  You also need to be able to see to help baby get latched.  I highly recommend getting a nursing cover that is a nice big piece of fabric with a strap that goes around your neck like an apron.  Then you can put it on and not have to worry about keeping it in place.  I also like the ones that have a stiff neck that sticks out a little bit so that you can look down through the top of the cover and check on your baby or see to help baby get latched on.

I have a Bebe Au Lait and I love it!  (it has the neck strap and the stiff neck piece, but it also folds up like a blanket and fits easily in my diaper bag).  Babies R Us carries them as does Amazon (and probably other places as well).

4.  A smart phone.  I know, seems like a weird thing to list but it really was one of my newborn necessities.  I couldn’t even guess how much time I spent Googling things when Hudson was first born.  I had questions about everything – was he latching right? why did have so much gas?  how do you get a baby to sleep better? why does nursing hurt so much?  etc. etc. etc.  Since I was holding Hudson most of the time I usually only had one hand available to do all my searching, so having my iPhone was so helpful.  I spent tons of time browsing mommy forums and texting my mommy friends and reading everything I could find.

And on that note, make sure you have a phone charger plugged up next to wherever you think you will spend the most time (aka your nest in your recliner)

5.  Something good to watch.  You will spend a lot of time gazing at your sweet baby.  You will spend a lot of time on your phone trying to read more about this confusing little creature who happened not to come with an instruction manual.  But you will still have times that you need a distraction.  The middle of the night feedings were the worst for me – I was so exhausted and it was dark and he took so incredibly long to eat and I could hardly stay awake.  Plus nursing was way painful at first and I needed something to take my mind off the pain.

First I started watching I Love Lucy.  I’d watch two episodes every nursing session to keep me occupied.  Then the winter Olympics came on and I spent the next two weeks watching all those events.  And I don’t even like sports.  After that I moved on to the 19 Kids and Counting episodes and then Gilligan’s Island.

Now Hudson is much faster, he doesn’t eat as often, we don’t have middle of the night feedings (most of the time), and it’s not nearly as painful.  I usually check Facebook, send a quick email, or just sit and enjoy him.  No need for major distractions.  But at first those tv shows were lifesavers!

So pick out some good, clean shows (you have little ears overhearing now!) that you are interested in watching so that maybe you’ll look forward to those middle of the night sessions at least a little.

6.  A Boppy pillow with an extra cover.  I know some people are on the fence about the Boppy, or prefer a My Breast Friend, but I really like my Boppy and it has been a lifesaver while nursing.  I bought a waterproof cover to go under the pretty, printed cover and I’m so glad I did because it has gotten soaked with spit up (or just extra milk…Hudson likes to fall asleep, forget to swallow that last mouthful, and just let it come running back out) multiple times.  I’m glad the actual pillow isn’t getting all nasty thanks to the waterproof cover, but I really needed an extra outer cover so I could alternate them while one was in the wash.

I like mine so much that I’ve actually considered buying a second one to keep in the car.  I certainly can nurse without the Boppy and I’m not going to haul it all over the place to use every time he feeds, but it is nice and I end up nursing him a lot of the time in the car (yet again I am so glad we went ahead and bought our van!) so it would be convenient to have another on there.

ottomanHudson hanging out on the Boppy; changing station on the ottoman in the background

7.  Puppy Pee Pads.  I’ve told you how I used these in labor and they were so helpful then; come to find out they are super helpful afterward, too (which is good because the package I bought for labor prep had 30 in it and I had no idea what I was going to do with all the leftovers).

I don’t know if it’s all babies or just my baby, but Hudson open-air-peed almost every.single.time we opened his diaper to change him those first few weeks.  Since we changed him on the ottoman in the living room (still do, actually) this could have been bad news bears for my furniture.  We started putting the pee pads down, then laying a receiving blanket over the top.  We still had to change out the receiving blankets constantly, but the pads have protected the ottoman nicely.

8. Help and support.  I know that not everyone is as fortunate to have their husband home for the first two weeks after birth or their mom stay with them for the first six like I was, but if anyone offers you help, take it!  Don’t try to do it all yourself.  You take care of the baby and let others take care of the rest.  Let people bring you meals, let someone hold the baby so you can sleep, ask for help if you’re having problems breastfeeding.  If you have a mom or a cousin or a friend or whomever who can come help you a little at the beginning you will not regret it.

So there you go…the eight things that I think are crucial to have with for your newborn.

Your turn – what did I not mention that you thought were absolute must-haves?


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