High Five for Friday

It’s that time again…time to tell you five things that are making me happy.  What a great way to kick of the weekend hm?

1.  I got on the sewing machine this week for the first time in ages.  Since Hudson was born making time for crafting hasn’t been much of a priority.  I really needed to make some nursing tanks, though, so I escaped to my machine for a few minutes.  It wasn’t a super long project but it was nice to exercise my crafty muscles.  The nursings tanks were super easy, I followed this tutorial and hammered out 7 of them in about 20 minutes.  Plus I used the $1.80 tanks from Forever 21 so I made 7 nursing tanks for less than $14.00 in less than 20 minutes.  Not bad.

2.  We tried a new recipe this week that was really easy and really delicious.  They are called Yumm Bowls and Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy (where I used to link up my What I Wore Wednesday post back when I wore something more than spit up covered pajamas every day) blogged about this recipe and it looked amazing so we tried it.  And it was super yum.

3.  I painted my toenails for the first time since December?  Early January?  I’m not quite sure.  I was planning to get a pedicure before Hudson was born but I went into labor before that got done.

post partum swollen feetmy very chipped toenails (and incredibly swollen feet) a few days after Hudson was born

Since then painting my nails hasn’t been that big of a priority, you know?  But now that it’s warm (some days) and sandal weather I figured it was time.  It’s amazing how one little thing like pretty toes can make me feel good.

Photo Apr 18, 8 39 16 AM

4.  We started using cloth diapers this week.  We’re not using them all the time yet, mostly just at home until I get the hang of everything, but so far I really like them.  It’s not any grosser than regular diapers and it’s not that difficult to run a little bit more laundry.  So far, so good.

BumGenius math equation cloth diaperWhy yes that is a diaper with math equations…what else would you expect the child of an engineer and former math teacher to wear?  Now if only I could find one with books on it….

5.  Yesterday I got my monthly essential oils order.  It’s like Christmas when my package comes!  My organizing loving heart was so thrilled to get bottle labels and I happily sat in the floor and labelled all my bottles.

April young living essential rewards orderlabeling young living essential oils bottlesAren’t they pretty?

Now to get one of every oil so I can use all my labels….

I wish.

Oh but if I did, how would I organize them?  By color?  Alphabetically?  Hmm….


This post is brought to you by this cute guy who I can hear “talking” in the bedroom so I better go get him up from his nap.

Photo Apr 18, 9 12 42 AMPhoto Apr 14, 8 34 47 AMPhoto Apr 14, 7 47 59 AM

I can hardly stand the cuteness.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

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High Five for Friday

Friday again?  When you aren’t blogging every day Friday rolls around pretty quickly.  (Someday I will get back to a consistent blogging schedule.  Someday.  Like when I’m brushing my hair consistently and there aren’t cobwebs hanging from the bench in my foyer.  You just wish I were kidding…)

On that lovely note, here are my five things today:

1.  Monday I had a really rough day.  Hudson had had two nights in a row where he did not sleep well at all and then he wouldn’t take long enough nap during the day for me to nap, too.  I was exhausted.  I asked Michael if he would pull Hudson duty for a little while that evening so I could have a break.  Being the wonderful husband and father that he is of course he said yes, so after one of Hudson’s feedings I escaped upstairs to take a bath.  We’ve lived in this house for a year and a half and I’ve never used the bathtub…I’ve always preferred showers over baths.  But Monday it just sounded like the perfect thing.  I was able to soak and read a magazine and have some prayer time and it was wonderful.  I think I may try to work a bath in every week because it was wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating.

Not meaning to get so off track here, but I just have to take a moment and say that I think single mothers must be super women.  I’m serious.  So many times since Hudson has been born I’ve thought of the single moms that I know.  This is a hard job for sure, but I always know that if it gets too overwhelming I have Michael there to step in and give me a break.  I can’t imagine needing a break or feeling that exhaustion and knowing there is no one there but me.  So any single mom readers that I have, you are awesome and don’t you forget it.

2.  I am so excited about Hudson’s first Easter.  I know he is way too little to understand what is going on, but I’m still really looking forward to it.  We’re just getting him some little baby toys and books for his Easter basket that we would have bought anyway, but I guess since it’s our first holiday (Valentine’s Day doesn’t count…we were still definitely in post-baby fog) it’s more special.  We’ll also get to see some family that hasn’t met Hudson yet so that will be fun.

3.  A productive day these days for me is getting two whole things done around the house.  It’s such a change from the engergizer bunny I used to be who could get tons of cleaning, crafting, and other projects done.  Now my days are spent feeding, rocking, and snuggling Hudson.  I am not complaining at all.  I love my job.  It’s just very different.  All that to say that I got two “projects” done this week that I’ve been wanting to do: I made homemade body wash and homemade baby wipe solution.  Both were so incredibly easy and quick; gathering the supplies was the most time consuming part.

The body wash is wonderful.  I was a little skeptical but it lathers nicely and cleans great.  I haven’t used the wipe solution yet.  Once we start cloth diapering (that was on my goal list for this week and it hasn’t happened yet but we still have two days so maybe I’ll get that started still) we are also going to use cloth wipes.  Since I haven’t started that yet I haven’t used the wipe solution, but I can say that it smells great!

4.  On the note of productive days…my old cleaning routine was to clean the whole house once a week.  It usually took two to three hours and at the end I’d have a sparkling clean house.  When I was working I would do the cleaning on Saturday or Sunday, when I wasn’t working then I’d try to do it on a weekday so that the weekends were free.  I also did all the laundry back to back to back on cleaning day.

Well, I no longer have blocks of two to three hours.  I’m lucky to get one full hour these days since Hudson takes pretty short naps.  Soooooo I’m having to change my mindset from getting the whole house clean at one time to one where I do a little bit each day to maintain the cleanliness.  This is totally new to me but fortunately Pinterest has a bajillion cleaning schedules like that so I’ve been looking at those and trying to get my game plan together.

Do you have a cleaning schedule?  If so, do you prefer to do one room per day (i.e. the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room) or do you prefer to do one thing per day (vacuum, dust, sweep, etc. no matter which room it’s in)?

Right now I’m leaning toward one thing per day so that I don’t have to get the vacuum out multiple times each day that I clean a room with carpet or the duster each day to dust each room.

Hudson is being particularly unpleasant fussy today and I’ve been trying to get this post written for hours.  I’m tired of writing a few sentences here and there so yeah, I’m only writing four things today.  Sorry if this greatly offends you.

Photo Apr 07, 12 13 56 PM

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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High Five for Friday

Helllooooooo Friday  Wanna know why I’m happy today?

1.  SLEEP!  Yes, it has finally returned.  Tuesday night Hudson slept 7 hours (10:30-5:30) and Wednesday night he slept 8.5 (!!!) hours (11-7:30).  I woke up at 6:45 and didn’t know what on earth to do with myself.  And then last night he fell asleep at 9pm.  We kept expecting him to wake up to eat one more time before bed but he keep sleeping so we finally laid him down…and he slept until 5;30 this morning!  Another 8.5 hours!  I suspect he’s in a growth spurt because in addition to the sudden increase in sleep he’s also wanting to constantly eat during the day the last few days.  I sure hope the great sleep continues after the growth spurt is over!

2.  My neck is better.  Wednesday morning I leaned over to set my glasses on my bedside table and I felt my neck catch.  It was unbelievably painful; so much so that I was afraid Michael would have to come home from work to help me with Hudson.  The spot that was injured (I’m guessing) swelled up and I looked like I had a humpback (lovely).  A little heat, a little ice, a lot of my essential oils, and Michael rubbing it helped.  The pain was much better in 24 hours and almost completely gone in 48.  I still have a little soreness if I turn my head too far but it’s way, way better than it was!

Being hurt is one thing.  Being hurt with a baby that needs to be held and changed and fed is so much more difficult.  I now understand what people mean when they say “moms don’t have time to get sick!”.  I’m just so thankful that it didn’t last long.

3.  I’m going clothes shopping today.  On the one hand I’m not excited about that at all because I’d much rather be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I know the sizes I’ll have to get today will be disheartening.  But on the other hand it will be so nice to have some clothes that actually fit right now.  I won’t buy much since I hope to lose my pregnancy weight soon but for now I’m tired of wearing my ill-fitting maternity clothes and I need some other options.

4.  Speaking of losing weight, this week I finally got back to healthy eating.  Since Hudson was born I’ve eaten tons of fast food and junk and such.  I’m finally feeling like I have it together enough to focus on some of the other things in life besides feeding, changing, and rocking a baby.  I’m not dieting or anything, just trying to make better choices.  Splurging was fun for a while but it’s really nice to be back to eating good healthy food that makes me feel better.

5.  It’s time to mix up more laundry soap.  Sounds like a strange thing to make me happy, but I’m mostly excited by how long the first batch of laundry I mixed lasted us.  Wanna guess?

20 months.  Yes, TWENTY months…almost 2 years!  Amazing.

Oh and not only that, guess how much that cost…

$20.00!  That’s $1 per month for our laundry soap.  Double amazing.

homemade laundry soap ingredients

When I first decided to make our own laundry detergent we were living in our apartment and did not have the space for the liquid that seem to be popular (and have to be stored in 5 gallon buckets).  I finally found a recipe for powered detergent on Pinterest and gave it a try.  Like I said, the supplies cost $20.  The hardest part was grating the bars of soap (talk about an arm workout) and then all you have to do is mix it together.  We stored it in one of those big clear plastic containers that cheese puffs or pretzels come in (you can see ours here).

We do about five loads of laundry a week and this container lasted us twenty months (I told a few people 2.5 years the other day but when I went back and checked it was really only 20 months…so sorry about that!).  Of course now that we have Hudson (who creates significantly more laundry for being such a small person) it won’t last quite as long.  This time I bought different soap and I bought my ingredients at Kroger (a little more expensive), so my total cost was about $33.00.  But still…that’s a pretty good price for the amount you get!

What are you happy about today?


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high five for Friday

It’s been a looooonnngg time since I did a High Five for Friday post!  I’m just now emerging from the post-baby fog where I hardly knew my own name, much less what day of the week it was.  Tell me I’m not alone in that…

Here’s what I’m high five-ing this week.

1.  I cleaned my house.  I know, so earth-shattering.  But some parts of our house haven’t been cleaned since before Hudson was born and he’s almost two months old *ducks head in shame*.  I’ve been basically worthless in the cleaning department since I’m more in the baby-holding-milk-making department right now, but we’re finally starting to get into a routine.  Most of the time as soon I as get ready to clean Hudson wakes up from his nap so I only get part of a room done.  Yesterday though he took several great naps and I was able to get the house mostly cleaned.  We (well, Michael and mom actually) have been keeping up with the day-to-day things (dishes, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) but I’ve let a lot slide.  It felt great to get some of the less important things done (like dusting our bedroom…some big ‘ole dust bunnies had accumulated in two months!).

2.  I got in some new essential oils that I ordered.  It’s like Christmas when they come!  And they came just in time to help me knock out an impending sinus infection so it was perfect timing.

Young Living essential oils

3.  During one of Hudson’s naps I got to mix up some of my “potions” (pain cream, diaper rash cream, lotion, etc.).  I had a good time doing something not so baby related for a change.

mixtures made with Young Living essential oils

4.  I had a big Mommy-win this week: I took Hudson out shopping by myself for the first time.  We went to Hobby Lobby (PSA: Hobby Lobby’s carts are too small to fit a carseat inside.  I learned that the hard way and had to haul that huge carseat all over the store.  Next time I’ll wear him in my baby carrier!), Target, the mall (just in and out of Dillard’s), and then we ran by Michael’s work so his coworkers could meet Hudson.  That was a HUGE trip out for us and I was so proud.  He did great, too; slept nearly the whole time.

shoppingThis was actually a different day when we went to Kroger – Michael had one cart for the groceries and I just followed him around pushing Hudson in a different cart.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I need to get groceries on my own…there is not room for a baby and groceries in the cart!  I think I’ll wear him so the buggy is free.

5.  I finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for my blog.  I’ve been meaning to for a while and just never made time (it took, like, 5 whole minutes…what a procrastinator).  Have you liked it yet?  You totally should…all the cool kids are doing it ;).  (go here)

Bonus: I get to love on this sweet boy all day every day and nothing could make me happier.  (Did you really think I’d write a whole post without random Hudson pictures….?)

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High Five for Friday

It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a high five for Friday post!  I keep wanting to, but life gets in the way (don’t you just hate it when that happens?).

Anyway, here are some things that are making me happy this week:

1.  New TOMS!

polka dot toms

I love how they can go with anything – they are canvas with black dots, but look just as good with brown pants as they do black.  Plus they require very little bending over to put on…something my ever growing belly appreciates!

2.  My Halloween wreath

Halloween spider wreathCan I tell you a secret?  I haven’t decorated a single thing in our house for fall.  A few weeks ago I hung a fall wreath on the door, but I still have yet to pull out any of my inside decorations.  I think that’s because we are in the middle of a bunch of pre-baby projects and so there is stuff everywhere and I just can’t imagine trying to add decorations on top of all the mess!  But, we did carve a pumpkin at our friends’ house last weekend so we have that on our porch, and then this week I was feeling a little guilty for my severe lack of Halloween enthusiasm so I whipped this wreath together.

Seriously, I think it took longer for my glue gun to heat up than it did to actually make the wreath.  And if you live near a Hobby Lobby you could replicate this wreath tonight!  I used a wreath form from HL (40% off coupon) and 2 rolls of ribbon that were 2 yards each – so 6 yards total (ribbon is 50% off this week).  I wrapped the ribbon around the form and securing it with hot glue as I went.  I used some black felt that I already had to make the hanger.  The felt spiders, spiderweb, and plastic spiders were all from Hobby Lobby, too (Halloween decor is 40% this week).  I quickly hot glued the spiderweb to the back of the wreath and the spiders to the front and voila…a Halloween wreath!  Cost = less than $10.00.  Time to make = less than 10 minutes (not counting the glue gun heating up).

3.  Scrapbooking night!

I’m getting together with some ladies from church tonight and tomorrow to scrapbook.  I’m excited to hopefully get a bunch of scrapbooking done.

4.  New living room decor


Home decorating is not my strong suit.  I like a nicely decorated space, but I don’t know quite how to get there.  I’ve been struggling with what to do in our living room and this week I finally quit just thinking and actually bought some stuff.  I got some beautiful couch pillows from TJ Maxx and just ordered this rug (the one in the picture above).  I love love love the rug and can’t wait to check it out in person!  I’m starting to see everything come together.

5.  Project Runway All-Stars

The new season started last night.  My favorite PR designer ev-ah, Seth Aaron Henderson, is on this season and I’m pumped.  I don’t get to watch it when it comes on since we don’t have cable, and I may not get to watch it tonight because of scrapbooking night, but you better believe I’ll be watching it tomorrow when I get home!

Birds of a Feather Scarf

P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win this beautiful scarf from Bellaboulie Boutique!  Giveaway ends tomorrow.

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High Five for Friday

This Friday came a little quicker than I would have liked – I have a lot to get done before this weekend/next week!  But I am glad it’s Friday because:

1.  Tomorrow we’re off to Lexington to celebrate Noah’s first birthday.  I’m excited to see our Lexington friends!  I’m putting the finishing touches on his cake today and keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out ok.

2.  Tomorrow night I’m off to church camp.  I love love love church camp – it’s one of my favorite parts of the year!  I can’t wait, although I’m praying for mild weather – this pregnant mama feels hot all the time and is not looking forward to 90+ degree weather with no air conditioner!

3.  We finally got our vacation selected and booked!  We knew we wanted to go to the beach but we didn’t really have any specifics in mind.  Michael has never been to Florida and I haven’t been since I was really little, so we didn’t have many preferences.  All I really wanted to do was go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter one day :).  So now we’ve got all our hotels and plans confirmed – we’re going to Harry Potter World and then heading to Saint Petersburg to relax on the beach for the rest of the week.  Now if it could just hurry up and get here!

Harry Potter World[source]

4.  I got my wedding rings cleaned this week.  It had been awhile but I was in Springfield running camp errands during business hours so I hopped over to our jewelers.  I forgot how sparkly they are when they’re all cleaned up – I can’t stop looking at them!

wedding rings

5.  I have lime green toenails.  Lime green was THE color when I was in 4th/5th grade and I got so tired of it then that I didn’t think I’d ever want anything lime green again…but it’s back and quite popular so I decided my toes needed a little update from their usual pink, red, purple, or dark blue/gray.  I would show you a picture but I find it so hard to photograph feet, so just pretend, m’kay?

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High Five for Friday

Hooray for Friday!  Here’s what I’m happy about this week:

1.  This is my last Friday of work for quite a few weeks.  I have to work a few days here and there throughout the summer, but I’m basically free until the last week of July.  Yay for summer break!

2.  I’ve been getting a ton of work done this week at school with no one there…namely cleaning, organizing, and updating the collection.  Check out these gems I found.

my name is AliceI’m scared of this Alice character

booksGloria Estefan and Alyssa Milano…really?  I barely remember these people – I can’t imagine my kiddos know who they are

3.  I recently discovered all the episodes of 7th Heaven are on Amazon Prime.  I’ve been enjoying watching it this week.  What a fun throwback!

7th heaven[source]

4.  I went to a professional development this week and actually learned some really great things (unfortunately so many PD’s are so boring and unhelpful!).  One of the sessions I went to was a bookmaking sessions – it was really fun and I’ve already used one of the ideas I learned with the kids in my Bible class (tutorial to come this weekend).  I’ve got several ideas to use at school this next year, too.

cloth book

5.  I have the best husband in the world.  Just sayin’.

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High Five for Friday

I know I say this every week, but I am SO glad it’s Friday!  This has been THE LONGEST week ever!  I’m not kidding, on Monday I thought it was already Thursday…imagine my disappointment when I learned that was not the case.

Anyway, here’s what’s making me happy on this particular Friday:

1.  This is our last Friday of the school year!  We get out next Thursday (well, next Thursday is the last day with kids…I have to work past that day but it doesn’t quite count without students), so now we’re down to the final countdown!

testing in progress2.  State testing is finally over.   

Chick fil a3.  Breakfast dates with my hubby are the best

Levi and Jojo4.  Sharing snack time with my favorite boys (too bad I can’t take a cell phone picture to save my life)

LeviSweet Levi is always so happy!

speedometer5.  Michael and I love numbers (hey, we can’t help it!  An engineer and a former math teacher are just weird, ok?).  Michael really loves it when the speedometer has a fun number so it was exciting the other day when mine was 218,812 – the same forward and backward!  Too bad I didn’t take a picture three miles later when it was 218, 815…then it would have been a literal mirror image!

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High Five for Friday

Friday!  Only one more Friday until school is out…whoa!!  So yep, here’s what’s happening this Friday.

H54F Collage

1.  My new jewelry holder – a ceramic egg carton-thing from Kohls.  It’s so pretty to display on the top of my dresser and the little cups are perfect for holding some of my jewelry.

2.  My newest water bottle – it’s glass!  I hear so much terrible stuff about plastic that I thought I’d give a glass bottle a shot.  So far, so good (as in, I haven’t dropped it and shattered it, so that’s good).

3.  Teacher appreciation week rocks.  Our junior beta club has been giving us a present each day this week – it is so fun to have a little surprise on my desk when I get to school each morning.  The gifts have been so cute, too.

4.  We’re also doing secret pals among the teachers/adults.  I greatly enjoyed the Reese’s my secret pal gave me :).  We’ve talked about how my love language is getting gifts, so I love having a secret pal!

5.  I’m hooked on a new kids/young adult series – The Missing.  They are really good!  I’m planning to do a book review tomorrow so stick around for that.

I hope your Friday (and weekend) is fantastic!

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High Five for Friday

Friday!  You’re finally here!  I’m not kidding, on Tuesday I thought we’d already had several days of work…then I realized we’d only worked one day this week, it was only Tuesday, and we still had a lot of days left.  This has felt like a really long week for some reason!

Anyway, here are some things making me happy right now:

1.  Beautiful roses for no reason from my loving husband…he knows my love language and that one of my favorite colors is coral


2.  Fun surprises like this lovely pink tree by our house (cherry blossom, maybe?).  Since we bought the house in the fall we’ve never seen it in the spring.  The previous owner had very nice landscaping and as spring has arrived, this tree and other pretty things have started growing or blooming.  It’s kind of an adventure to never know what you’re going to see outside your house next!

cherry blossom tree

3.  While I was at the American Girl store in Atlanta I sent my American Girl, Molly, to the “doll hospital”.  Her eye had turned all silver and creepy and I wanted to get it replaced.  Like I mentioned before, the people there were so incredibly fantastic and were quick to help me figure out what to do.  Yesterday a package came with my repaired doll.  Of course I was glad to get her back and have her eye fixed (which they didn’t charge me for at all…not even shipping!  Like I said, great customer service), but what made me the happiest was seeing the way she was dressed.  When you leave the doll at the store they have you take all clothes, accessories, ribbon, etc. off, so I expected she’d come back the way I left her.  Instead she had on a hospital gown, socks, new hair ribbons, and a tiny hospital bracelet.  I might have squealed a little bit when I saw her cute little outfit.


doll hospitalJust a few little touches that made it seem that much more special to get her back from the “hospital”.

4.  I’ve been rocking out to a little Dixie Chicks this past week – talk about a throwback to junior high/high school!  I just love their voices.  I honestly don’t even know what they are up to these days, but I do love their old stuff.

dixie chicks fly

5.  The bookfair is OVER!  It was fun and we did even better this time than we did with our one in the fall, but I’m exhausted.  I was so ready to pack that sucker up and get my library back in order.  The chaos of having everything out of place was getting to me.

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