Pinteresting Tuesday – Pinterest Wins

It’s high time for me to do another Pinteresting Tuesday post, dontcha think?  I see stuff all the time about Pinterest fails – people see something on Pinterest, the give it a try, and and fails miserable. I try to use Pinterest as an actual tool, not just a place to look and never actually do anything.  I’ve tried quite a few recipes, crafts, and ideas, and believe me, Pinterest fails have happened to me, too.  But today I want to share my most recent Pinterest wins – things I’ve tried from Pinterest that have turned out great.

1. The no-heat curls method


Actually, I’ve posted about this before.  However, since that post (the first time I ever tried this method), I haven’t been able to get it work correctly a single other time.  I think this week I finally figured out the trick…use a fat headband.  The first time I tried, I used this 80s terry cloth sweatband type thing and it turned out great.  Every time since then, I tried using a thinner headband like in the picture above.  I don’t know if it’s just my hair or what, but using the thinner headband gives me crazy kinky hair.  I decided to give that fat terry cloth headband a try again and it turned out perfectly.  Nice soft loose waves.  I guess it’s like using a large barrel curling iron versus a tiny barrel curling iron.

Anyway, now that I’ve figured out the trick, expect to see lots more curly hair around here :).

2. healthy banana ice cream


This is something else that I’d tried before and thought was a Pinterest fail until I tried again.  The first time I tried I froze the banana in the peel, so it was nearly impossible to get it out, then I tried blending it in my blender (which doesn’t blend well unless you add a lot of liquids) and it never got smooth and ice cream-y.  I had almost written it off but decided to give it one more try.  This time I chopped the banana and froze the pieces, then used my food processor – that was the trick!  It still took quite a while in the food processor but eventually it turned into an ice cream consistency.  I used one banana, 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter, and 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and it.was.delicious!

3. penne rosa with shrimp 


Oh my stars, this stuff is incredible.  Michael and I both loved this dish!  It was easy and so yummy – I’m drooling.

4. storing my headphones

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I keep my headphones in a little makeup-type bag in my purse along with pens, Tylenol, etc.  One thing that used to make me crazy was how the cord would get all tangled up and I’d have to send so much time untangling each time I wanted to use them.

Enter this tip.

Ever since I started doing this, I’ve had no problems with tangled cords and my headphones are so much easier to use now!  This is definitely one of my favorite pins on Pinterest!

5. homemade cream of chicken soup 


Since starting to eat real food, I’ve been trying to replace lots of our old, processed staples with more natural options.  This recipe for homemade cream of chicken soup is really easy and a great alternative to the yucky canned cream of chicken soup.

What you tried recently from Pinterest?

the ever popular Dawn + vinegar shower cleaner {Works for Me Wednesday}

If you’ve been on Pinterest for any more than two minutes, I’m sure you’ve seen the pins for the Dawn+vinegar shower/tub cleaner.  I told you a couple of weeks ago that I had mixed up a solution of it and would let you know how it worked…well I’ve since tried it out and want to share my thoughts with you.

This is the pin that I’ve seen the most…and the one that got my attention (but notice that although there is a big difference between the dirty side and the clean side, there is also a shadow that makes it look really really drastic – just fyi).  Also, several of the teachers I worked with raved about how the Dawn+vinegar had worked for them.


I felt optimistic since so many people had said they had good results but I was still a little skeptical – surely it would take some effort to get it so clean.

So I mixed up my solution – it was super easy: heat 12 oz white vinegar in the microwave for 2 minutes, add to 10 oz of blue Dawn, shake to mix (after this first mix you shouldn’t have to heat or shake it anymore…until you make the next batch…because there will be a next batch!).  You can go here to see several different people’s versions (they’re all pretty much the same, but just in case you need some extra reassurance).

Then I sprayed it all over my dirty tub.  I let it sit for about three hours and then wiped it down.  I used a scrubber sponge, nothing special like a Magic Eraser, just a basic ‘ole sponge.  I would wet the sponge, wipe a section, then rinse (it gets pretty sudsy because of the Dawn).

I. Was. Amazed.

You know the soap scum you get on the sides of the tub?  The kind that takes a body builder’s strength to clean off?  The kind that you just swipe over with the cleaner when you don’t want to scrub for hours and you know it’s still there but you figure, hey at least it’s been sanitized (or is that just me?).

Well, that nasty soap scum came right off – no elbow grease required.

I am not even kidding you.  It just took a few rubs with the sponge, a little rinsing, and I had my whole tub cleaned.

I know…I’m as shocked as you.

Cleaning the tub has always been one of my least favorite cleaning jobs, mainly because I felt like it took forever to get it really clean.  No more!  I can now clean the tub thoroughly with minimal time or effort.

I’m also trying it out on my shower curtain – you know how the curtain liner gets all mildewy and gross at the bottom (or again, is that just me?  I sure hope not, if so then I’m incredibly embarrassed for you to know that my shower curtain liner gets all kinds of funky nastiness on the bottom – in lovely colors like pink, black, and orange…).  I have sprayed the mildewy yucky spots with my solution and I’m going to let it sit overnight and try to wipe it off in the morning…fingers crossed that it works!

*update on the shower curtain* – The next morning I wiped off the shower curtain with a wet sponge.  Quite a bit of the black stuff (I’m not sure if it was dirt or black mildew) came off, but the pink and orange mildew didn’t budge.  So obviously this Dawn and vinegar solution works well on soap scum but not so much on mildew.  However, after I cleaned off the part with the Dawn and vinegar, I was able to get the curtain almost 100% clean by spraying some Clorox spray on the mildewy parts, letting it sit for a little while (maybe an hour, possibly less), then putting the whole curtain in the washing machine.  I washed it on the delicate cycle using some bleach (about 1/4 cup).  That got almost everything off the curtain and I was able to hang it back up looking nearly as good as new!

Have any of you tried this yet?  How did it work for you?  If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, I command highly recommend you mix up a solution of this and give it a try in your tub.  Then let us know what you think!

(Oh and fyi, I did not take a before and after picture of my tub.  I love y’all, but not enough to show off dirty tub.  Sorry.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  But I promise you won’t be sorry)

So anyway, using Dawn and vinegar to clean my tub works for me!

Linking up to Works for Me Wednesday.

Pinteresting Tuesday

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I decided to take a moment to show you some of the cool things I’ve found on Pinterest recently.


This corn looks so yummy (and easy, too!).  I’m planning to make this tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it is.


I would love to have a pantry this amazing someday!


Crayon art is all over Pinterest, and in fact I’ve made some myself (plus we did some last week at camp), but I thought this was a really unique version.  I might have to make this someday!


What a genius idea – put paper/foam plates between your plates when you move rather than wrapping each one in paper.  I never would have thought of this so I’m glad I saw this pin!  Definitely keeping that in mind as we house hunt and (hopefully) move soon.


Most of the nail tutorials I see on Pinterest look really cool but way to complicated for me to do.  This one actually looks like something I could manage (paint the base coat, then dip a straw in other colors of paint to make the circles)!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I absolutely do this…

And one last thing…If you are of the elementary librarian/teacher persuasion, you might want to check out my school stuff board – I’ve been collecting tons of ideas for the upcoming school year but there are just way too many to share here!

Speaking of school, yesterday was my first day of work – I spent the day cleaning the library and organizing my office.  It was exhausting, a little overwhelming, but exciting!  Today I hope to start figuring out what exactly I have as far as books and materials go.  So fun!

Pinteresting Tuesday: quilt edition

Now that I’ve started doing this block of the month, I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug.  I have no idea if/when I’ll ever get around to making all the quilts that I’d like to make, but here are some beauties that I’ve seen on Pinterest that are on my to-do list.


I adore this stack of books quilt!  How perfect is this to keep on your favorite reading chair to wrap up in while curled up with a good book?  It doesn’t look all that difficult either, so I’d say this one is definitely going to get made!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


Stars are one of my favorite shapes, and kind of the “theme” of my living room, so these starflower quilts make me so happy.


And I found this really great tutorial to help get me started.


chevron quilt


supposedly you can make this quilt all in one night


I for realz want some quilted stockings some day

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


different but cool

Are you inspired yet?

Pinteresting Tuesday

Just sharing some of my favorite recent pins…check out Amber’s Pinteresting Tuesday post, too.

(remember, if you click on the picture, it will take you to the accompanying post/website)

1. This icing technique is one that I’ve never done – I really like how it looks like a flower.  I’m going to try that on my next batch of cupcakes.  Also, I think the ombre look of the cakes is really cool.


2. I adore this little hat-headband-thing on this baby!  My future little girl(s) must have one!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


3.I do not like cats (or really any animal for that matter) but this cat is hilariously cute!


4.  I’ve got some ripe bananas hanging out in my freezer and some Greek yogurt chillin’ in the fridge (pun intended…) – I think I was just waiting for this perfect recipe to come around.  Can’t wait to give it a try!


5. I am ultra-intruiged by this post about how to clean your bathroom completely with just lemon, vinegar, and baking soda.  She shows before and after pictures and boy can you tell a difference!


Happy Tuesday everyone.  I’m spending my Tuesday enjoying the mountains in Gatlinburg :)

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dream home

So now that the end is in sight in regards to selling our house, I’m allowing myself to get excited about house hunting here in Bowling Green.  I’m much more excited about it this time around than the first time we looked for houses (in Lexington) – not that I wasn’t excited then, it’s just that now I know more of what I want.

Anyway, since I have houses on the brain I thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve pinned on my “Dream Home” board on Pinterest.

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I love these cabinets!


I like the idea of having a white kitchen with a colored ceiling


Hello, books!


I love looking at kitchens and bathrooms more than any other part of the house – and I think this kitchen is gorgeous


Can you even imagine having a closet this big?  Swoon.


yet another kitchen – a little dark for my taste, but still lovely


I will have a craft room someday!


obviously I really liked this loft because I had it pinned three separate times…

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest



Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


look at all the shelving!


more shelves


such a fantastic porch!

I think one of the greatest aspects of Pinterest is how visual – it really helps me notice trends of things that I like, especially when it comes to clothes and house decor.  I may only pin a few clothing or house things per week but when I look at the board as a whole I start to notice that I pin clothes that all have a similar shape or kitchens that all contain similar elements.  For example, while I was collecting pictures for this post I noticed that almost every kitchen picture I pinned (and there are lots!) has white (or light colored) cabinets and a large island in the middle.  Obviously that is something I’m attracted to and will take into consideration as we look to buy (or maybe build someday) our next house.

Feel free to check out more of my “Dream Home” pins here.

party time

I need some excuses to have parties.  I am having a party after graduation, and it’s going to be book themed (I mean, I got my master’s in library media education, it just makes sense…), and I’m super excited about it.  But other than that, I got nothin’.  I keep seeing all these awesome party ideas on Pinterest and I don’t have any need for them, so if you can think of other reasons for me to have parties, let me know!

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

1. A mashed-tini bar.  Make tons of mashed potatoes, put them in martini glasses, and then set out tons of yummy potato toppings.  The variety of toppings she listed was incredible.


2. A grilled cheese party.  This post has a ton of different grilled cheese ideas – even a dessert grilled cheese using cream cheese and nutella!


3. A Harry Potter party.  I actually had this post bookmarked for a long time before Pinterest was even around – I think this would be so much fun!


4. Build-a-library baby shower.  It goes without saying that I love books so I think this would be a super fun way to build your baby’s library.

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


5.  Miniature food!  I love miniature stuff and I think this would be so cute.  How adorable are the little grilled cheese wedges in the tiny tomato soups?


6. A favorite things party.  This is one of my favorite (pun not intended) party ideas yet.  Each persons brings enough of their favorite thing (has to be pretty cheap) for each of the other people at the party, then exchange.  When you leave you have all kinds of new goodies to try!


Check out my board on Pinterest to find more party ideas.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to enter to win my e-book giveaway full of all kinds of great tips and tricks (and you don’t even have an e-reader to use it…just a computer!)

Pinteresting Tuesday

I’m copying Amber again with another Pintersting Tuesday post.  Here are a few of the things on Pinterest that have caught my eye this week:

1. I just think this arrangement is beautiful.  Tulips are such pretty flowers, I love a good galvanized metal container, and the simplicity of this is so eye-catching.  Maybe I’ll recreate this at some point?

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books (I even based my graduation speech around it!) and I think this Very Hungry Caterpillar cake is fantastic.

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


3. I love birthday cake flavored stuff – especially Bruster’s birthday cake ice cream.  I’m sure this birthday cake milkshake won’t be quite as amazing as birthday cake ice cream, but it sure looks good and I’m willing to give it a try!  Putting that on the to-do list…


4. Seriously true…I spent so much valuable time working on stinkin’ seating charts to try to prevent behavior problems!


5. Wouldn’t that be nice…


Have a great Tuesday!

I <3 Pinterest

Amber, who blogs over at AmberLovesLogan, is a friend of mine from college.  I love reading her blog (isn’t it great how blogging can keep you in touch even when you’ve moved far away?) and I especially love that she has some themed days: Make it Work Monday, Pinteresting Tuesday, What I Wore Wednesday, and High Five for Friday.  Today I’m going to steal her idea (I hope she doesn’t mind) and do a Pinteresting Tuesday post.  Y’all know how much I love Pinterest, so today I’m going to share some of my favorite recent pins (if you want to see all my pins – and there are many! – go here).

1.  I love baby clothes.  I love math.  I love this.

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


2. Are you pumped about the Hunger Games movie coming out this weekend?  I am so super excited!  We’ve bought our tickets and are going Saturday night.  I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a t-shirt made to wear to the movie, but if I do it will look something like this (made with bleach!  super cool).


3. I love this dress.  I think it’s so classic yet fun.  Who wants to get this for me?

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


4.  I’m excited to try this icing trick at cake decorating class this week.  Filling my bags with icing is always hard so I’m hoping this will make it easier.


5.I’ve been drooling over these cupcakes for days!  I’m going to use the mousse recipe to fill my cupcakes for cake decorating class this week – can’t wait to see how that turns out!


6. And finally, Abbie over at Five Days…Five Ways (great blog, check it out!) painted her washer and dryer!  This is so stinkin’ cool!  Think I can convince Michael that we need to do this?


Have a great Tuesday, lovelies!

Pinterest – my new fave

I might be slightly prone to bookmark bajillions of sites.  I usually have tons of things in my bookmarks, with folders full of even more things.  A bit ridiculous.  Then in college I found out about delicious, which is a way to bookmark sites on the Internet rather than your computer so you can get to them later.

Through all the blogs I read I’ve been hearing about Pinterest for awhile but never started using it until this past week.  It’s basically a huge virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” all the cool things you find online.  I spent several hours this weekend pinning all the recipes that I had bookmarked.  Please notice that I had so many recipes about peanut butter and chocolate that I had to make them their own category!  Right now I mostly just have recipes pinned but I’m sure I will find tons of other things to pin soon :).

You can also see what your friends are pinning and put those things on your boards as well.  Right now (because I’m an organizational freak), I’m trying to go through my old delicious accounts and make them more school related, and transfer the fun stuff (shopping, organizing, home decor, crafts, cooking) to Pinterest.

In case you’re interested, here’s my Pinterest:


And my old delicious account:


Happy pinning!