painted toes…yes or no?

So hi there friends.  It’s been awhile.  Sorry for the minor bloggy break.  The past month or so I just haven’t been that motivated to blog.  I have all these post ideas in my head but just can’t seem to find (or make) the time to write them.  Between trying to finish my quilt, working on a scrapbook for my in-laws, and getting a Netflix subscription, I’ve been preoccupied.  Anyway, I’ll try to remedy that :)

So, random thoughts today:

I heard on the radio that Sally Beauty Supply did a survey and asked women how many of them painted their toes in the winter.  The results were an almost 50/50 split – 49.8% do not paint their toes and 50.2% do (can’t find the actual study to confirm, that’s just what the deejay said)

polka dot toes

I’ve never really pondered the subject, but thought it was interesting.  So let’s do a quick poll – tell me, do you paint your toes in the winter? (hey men, women only…don’t want you skewing our results!).  Leave a comment telling us why or why not.

In case you wondered, I’m in the 49.8%.  I usually take my polish off in October or November and leave my toes unpainted until March or April.  I think it’s good to let my nails breathe some, plus it makes me really excited when I put that first coat of paint on in the spring.  My feet go from boring to pretty!  No one really sees my feet in the winter, anyway.  I’m so cold natured that I wear socks pretty much all the time except to shower and sleep, so they’re mostly covered.

Anyway, nothing life changing or particularly helpful in this post.  Just wanted to try doing a poll and this seemed like a fun topic :)