February block of the month

Since Michael has been out of town this week (he gets back tonight – yay!) I’ve been keeping myself occupied at night working on my quilt blocks.  I showed you the two for January already (see here).  I had so much fun making them that I went out the next day after work to buy the material for the next two and sewed them both up that night.  So here you go:

This was definitely the hardest block I’ve done so far – it was tedious and difficult and you can clearly see that I had problems getting all the corners to line up.

This one was much easier and I love love love how it turned out!

Both blocks used half-square triangles but we learned two methods of how to make them – the first method (that we used for the Balkan puzzle) was really hard for me but the second method (that we used for the chunky chevron) was much easier so I’ll just use that method from now on.

The problem is…they don’t release the next video/pattern until March so I’m all done until then!  I thought about buying some more fabric and making one more of each block (several people in my class are doing that, making 4 blocks per month, so that their quilts will be bigger at the end of the year) but I don’t know if I’m going to do that or just take a break until March.

(blocks from Craftsy’s block of the month class)



  1. Love your fabric! I was gonna do this, even posted it on my blog! Then I couldn’t find the fabric I was going to use.. blah blah blah..

    You’ve inspired me! I’ll have to dig out my fun fabric and get [re]started!

  2. Beautiful blocks! Is it too late to join the block of the month?

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