cake decorating course 2 week 2

This week we learned flowers, flowers, and more flowers.  While last week we used fondant to make our flowers, this week we used royal icing.  Royal icing is basically just water, sugar, and meringue powder (at least, the Wilton version is).  It’s edible, although I don’t think it tastes very good, and it dries super fast.  The icing was also very stiff so that the flowers would be firm, but I couldn’t believe how tired my hand and forearm got from squeezing the icing bag and trying to guide the icing in the shape I wanted!

We made lots and lots of the different types of flowers that we learned, and we are saving them to use on our final cake that we will make the last class of this course. (that’s why they are on the wax paper – I’m saving them for later…it doesn’t make for the prettiest pictures ever, though)

apple blossoms


rose buds

We were taught to make the rosebuds like the one on the left with the little “leaves” where the stem and rose meet; however, I thought mine looked like monster claws so I just started doing the stem with no leaves like the one on the right.  Maybe with practice I’ll get it to look right with the leaves, but for now I’m sticking to just the stem.

We also started making roses.  We made the middle part of each rose, but then we are letting them harden this week and we’ll put the petals on next week.

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