July block of the month

The July blocks were so fun and so easy to do!  I love how they turned out.  This month we learned how to do Dresden blocks and made a traditional block and a modern block (although I think the traditional one looked more modern and the modern one looked more traditional…)

This was pretty fun to make.  I liked using all the different fabrics, although I think if you wanted it to look more like a flower, you could just use one fabric or several prints that were all in the same color scheme.  Michael and I both thought this looked like a bunch of neckties.

I really liked this modern Dresden wheel.  It was very quick and easy to make.  I think if you used an orange/yellow color and made the middle circle a coordinating color (rather than the same as the background) it would look just like a sunshine.  I can totally picture a whole quilt done with bunches of sunshines!

The only thing that I didn’t like about this block was all the layers – there was the background fabric, then two layers for the big circle and two layers for the little circle, so when they were all seen together there were five layers of fabric in the middle of the circle!  My needle did not like trying to sew through all that.  But I love the final product so it was totally worth it.

As always, these blocks are part of Craftsy’s {free!} Block of the Month class that I’m taking this year.  I think we just have three more types of blocks left to learn (August, September, and October).  After that we learn how to put our whole quilt together.  I can’t wait!


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